Window Cleaners – Skills worth Acquiring

Window Cleaners – Skills worth Acquiring

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With the increased number of tall buildings covered with nothing but glass on the outside, window cleaners have had to adopt and be innovative in their ways of operations to ensure that all windows are cleaned. This is of course without compromising the safety of both the cleaners and the residents and occupants of the houses. Water shortage has also called for new ways by which the window cleaning has to done. The most important part of the job description of a window cleaner is to ensure that the customer is satisfied and no glasses are broken.

Type of Employees

Professional cleaners must have clean criminal records and be stable mentally. This level of discipline and trustworthiness is required since most of the homeowners leave their homes unattended while the window cleaners are working. Companies too hire these professional cleaners and they have to maintain the required level of confidentiality that the companies demand of them. The cleaning companies have to insure their companies against theft and death or injuries to their employees. This means that to own a window cleaning company you have to put a lot of effort and attention to all the details that are required for that type of business.

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Cleaning Hours

Window cleaning is not any time job since it might inconvenience others during their day to day operations. Window cleaning hours are mostly before the start of business hours, during weekends and the hours just after the business hours. This is to ensure the safety and convenience of all the homeowners and company employees. This means that window cleaners require making a lot of sacrifice and hard work as well as dedication in their work.


These are much equipment that is used in window cleaning which use a combination of technology to make the work easy, efficient and perfect. The professional cleaners have to be equipped with this equipment as well how to use them. The company has to take their cleaners for the required short courses on how to use the equipment or hire already trained staff.

Homemade Equipment

Traditionally, window cleaning was done with sponges and cloths and dried with soft papers such as newspapers; this is still used currently by small homeowners who have spare time to do their own window cleaning. This does not require any special training and can also be done with all other family members. Home owners can also make their own small squeegees that they can use to dry their windows and clean fast.

In conclusion, window cleaning is important since the dust and the dirt that accumulates on windows can cause health complications and make the house or building unattractive. It is important for homeowners to consult and hire professional cleaners since they will also take care of their window glass and frames. Dirty windows give a bad impression especially nowadays where branding is key. Window cleaners’ demand has therefore increased tremendously and if you are in this field, you should certainly ensure that you stand out to remain relevant.

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