Why Water-Proofing Homes Especially Roof Is Essential

Why Water-Proofing Homes Especially Roof Is Essential

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House is a huge investment. Not all are blessed with a home. Thus, if you are having a safe and happy house, make it more secure by paying timely attention to its maintenance needs. Water-proofing is one such work that is most essential, still mostly ignored because of the poor knowledge about the concrete and construction. So, listed here for you are the top reasons you need to consider water-proofing of homes done as soon as possible, if ignored in the construction phase or otherwise.

1. Protection of structure

The lack of water-proofing may lead to damage of the structure. The whole affected portion looks stained and also, the structure can crumble down due to excess of moisture trapped.

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2. Prevention of rusting of metallic portions

Moisture contains largely of chloride ions which can affect steel-made angles and beams adversely. The metallic portions start rusting due to exposure to moisture and lose strength in the long run.

3. Checking the growth of molds and allergens

Water leaking from the roof is anyway not a welcome sight. But, the situation becomes a source of concern too, when the health of the inmates is affected adversely with the growth of molds and other allergens. Thus, water-proofing is essential for the health of the structure as well as that of the inmates.

4. Prevent occurrence of short circuits

This is the dreadest of all the reasons. Moisture and watery elements trapped in a poorly water-proofed roof or any other area of the house can come in contact with lighting fixtures and electrical connections. This may cause short-circuit and may harm the whole building or ripen the chances of electrocuting. So, beware!

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