Why Water Damage Needs Remediation Immediately

Why Water Damage Needs Remediation Immediately

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Emergency water damage restoration is vitally important whether you have a leaky pipe or devastating flood damage. Water can change from potable drinking water to sewage is just 48 hours if it is left unattended. It provides a habitat for mold and fungus. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), there are three categories of water. Category One is sanitary water, Category Two is significantly contaminated water and Category Three is grossly contaminated water. Professional water-damage experts are required to make sure the restoration is complete.

There are several steps a professional will follow to make sure the affected area is hygienic and safe.


The first step is having the professionals visit your building to see the extent of the damage, determine the source and type of water.  For example, is it rainwater, overflow toilet, washing machine malfunction or flood water? This initial inspection will also help the water restoration services to formulate the best plan for eliminating water in your home. Professionals will make a visual inspection to see any obvious water damage. They also have equipment that can detect moisture in places not seen with the eye.


Along with moisture detectors and infrared cameras to locate any hidden moisture, the restoration company will use powerful vacuum machines and pumps to begin removing the water. The water and moisture that is seen as well as hidden water in corners, cracks and under floorboards are also removed. Since clean water can be contaminated within 48 hours, by removing the water as quickly as possible the drying time is shortened and mold will not be allowed to grow.


Removing all the water is just the beginning of the cleanup process because floors, drywall and walls will still have a substantial amount of hidden water. If the moisture is allowed to remain, it may begin to grow mold and fungus and warp or crack the surfaces. To deal with this the restoration company employs dehumidifiers and air movers, which speeds up the drying process. They will then check the moisture level using meters to see if all surfaces have dried sufficiently.


The restoration company will usually help in any repairs that may be needed, such as leaking pipes, broken drainage systems or supply line breakages.  It will also help to sanitize and clean dirty surfaces, and other restorable property such as furniture and rugs that were damaged by water.  Any bad odors can also be deodorized and mold removed. Some items become so damaged by water that they cannot be saved or cleaned. The restoration company will be able to determine what can be cleaned and what should be discarded.

Water damage should be treated as an emergency to prevent mold and fungus growth that can seriously pollute the indoor air quality. Water may short-circuit electronics, damage upholstery, carpets, and other household items. Professionals have the right equipment to detect hidden moisture, dry it effectively and determine which items can be saved and which need to be discarded. If you try to dry your walls, carpets, furniture and other things by yourself, you may not be able to reach all the hidden moisture, which will cause you problems in the future. Emergency water damage restoration services are your best option.

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