Where to Find a Perfect Rental?

Where to Find a Perfect Rental?

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One of the best things about humankind is the level of its diversity. Every human being is completely unique. From our taste for music, our beliefs, our clothes, to the movies and books we prefer, we are all completely unique folks. Still, some things are true for pretty much all of us. We need to eat, sleep and breath, and we (except in some rather unique cases), need to be in touch with other people. All of us also need a place that we can call our own home. So, whether we live in a house or in an apartment, and whether we rent it or own it, we need a home. Now, when you own a place, it is much easier to make it a home, but when you rent a place, there is more work to do. So, where and how to find a perfect rental?

Preparation for packing is 80% of the move, especially if you are going zero waste. / Alt tag: a man holding three boxes

Finding a perfect rental is definitely not an easy task. There are many things to consider, and whether you are on your own for the first time or a renting veteran, it is not a simple task. Still, it does not have to be a stressful process. The mindset is very important when you want to find a perfect rental. You have to be aware of the fact that whichever place you end up renting, it is up to you to make it a home. You just have to stay organized and keep a positive mindset.

When looking a perfect rental, same as looking for a perfect home to buy, there are several things that you have to do, no matter what exactly you are looking for. So, here is a list of things to do and/or bear in mind when looking to find a perfect rental. 

The first thing to in order to find a perfect rental is to plan your budget 

This one is pretty much a given, but it has to be mentioned. The best way to go about determining what rent you can afford is to go for about 20% of your monthly income. Let’s say that you earn $5000 per month. Your rent should not then exceed more than 1000-1100 dollars. Now, when determining your budget, there are ways to improve your renting capabilities. When you take your time for analyzing and determining your budget, you can actually work on improving it also.

When you calculate how much of your income is the 20% amount, you can check the market and see which areas you can consider. Some areas, of course, offer a different price for the same apartments. So, should you decide to move to Green Valley Arizona, you can expect different prices than in New York. Choosing a perfect area for yourself is sometimes more important than the apartment itself.

Plan your budget! / Alt tag: To find a perfect rental is not an easy task

Now, if you decide that you are willing to pay more that is perfectly fine and usually doable. However, you will have to put all of your monthly incomes and costs on paper. And that really means all of them (groceries, phone bills, student loans, clothing, etc). Then check and double-check on what things exactly are you spending money. Perhaps you are eating too much junk food? Or, you may be paying subscriptions for things that you may not actually need? This is a great opportunity to get a new perspective and cut your expenses, thus improving your budget. When you add up all the “several” pennies that you can save while doing these things, the final result may surprise you. Also, bear in mind that moving itself is expensive so you will probably have to look for a cheaper moving company.

There are several ways for cutting down your expenses: 

  • Find a roommate! – This is probably the most common one. Finding a roommate cuts your expenses in half. Be careful though and make sure that you have a quality written agreement with your roommate.
  • Check the non-urban areas – This, of course, depends on what exactly are your plans and expectations. If you are looking for a town Arizona, for instance, and you can’t decide if Benson is the right place for you, bear in mind that smaller towns also mean a more approachable real estate market. 
  • The transportation costs play a major role – Wherever you are, you will have to go to places. Transportation costs are not something that you should easily disregard.  
  • Negotiating is always a choice – This option is always there, and you won’t know until you try. Some landlords may be more open to this, than others. It all depends on in what area are you hunting for an apartment

Get the insurance for renters

The renter’s insurance is something that the majority of landlords insist on. Whether that is the case or not, you should still take it anyway. It is rather affordable and is very useful. The rates depend on the variety of factors, like the location, the size of the apartment, how equipped it is and what is the condition of those things etc. Since the landlord insures the building, it stands to reason that the renters will have to contribute on their part. 

The time of year can also be an important factor in determining the rent / Alt tag: calendar

Check your credit cards

Many landlords insist on running credit checks. They do this to ensure themselves that you are a worthy candidate for a tenant. So, if there are any unpaid bills or any signs of other financial problems, you should be aware of them beforehand. That is why you should do a credit cards check before you go hunting for an apartment. You can also expect to get your background checked too, since who wants problematic tenants? 

Check your landlord

If you want to find a perfect rental, you will have to be the one to impress the landlord. This is how these things work. What people often forget is that the landlord should also impress you. You need to be sure that you can count on your landlord to do his part in assisting you in certain potential situations. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but reaching out to past and current tenants is always a good idea. You can check firsthand what your potential landlord is like towards his tenants, and this should play an important role in your quest to find a perfect rental. 

So, these are the basics of finding a perfect rental home. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through too much trouble in your search. Good luck!

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