What Is Carpet Area, Built-up area, and Super Built-up Area?

What Is Carpet Area, Built-up area, and Super Built-up Area?

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To understand the concept of carpet area, Built-up area, and super built-up area, you have to study these topics with concentration. These topics are a little bit complicated to understand but it is not as hard as skyrocket science.

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Carpet Area

Actually, the area covered by carpet is Rugs area. The area which generally not covered by floor covering such as the lift, stairs, play area, etc are included in carpet area. This is the actual area used in housing unit. If you are looking for new house, you must check carpet area before making any final decision. If you will focus on carpet area, you will definitely be familiar with that area which is in the kitchen, living room. The reality is that this carpet area is near about 70 percent of built-up area. After reading this, you might have clear some doubt on what is carpet area?

Built-up Area

The area which is covered by carpet area and wall area is considered to be Built-up area. Normally, 20 percent of build-up area is covered by wall area, 10 percent is covered by balcony, flower beds, etc. So, if you talk about Built-up area that means only 70 percent area can be used in proper way.

Super Built-up Area

This area is generally known as the BFF for builders. This area is calculated by addition of common area and built-up area. This area generally includes the area of souterrain, lift lobby, etc.In some places, common area covers a pool, garden, and club. This area is also known as the saleable area.

Now you know the difference between these above topics.

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