What Homes Look Like Around the World

What Homes Look Like Around the World

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In the United States we are used to a house having walls, a roof and many of the comforts that we desire. However, homes look very different around the world.

Are you looking for a little bit of inspiration before you design your next house? Check out this information about what homes look like in some parts of the world.


This country doesn’t have an abundance of building materials, but one thing it does have is mud! This resource is used when it comes to the construction of a lot of dwellings. Thatched reeds are used to make a beehive shape and then mud is placed over top of it.


A newer type of house in Argentina, called a coastal chalet, started to become popular in the 20th century with the upper class. In this country they are seen as a sign of wealth. They consist of facades that are made out of orthoquartzite stone. These houses are often quite detailed with dormers and gabled roofs.


Those who visit Japan will often find themselves surrounded by homes that utilize unique craftsmanship. These homes have thatched roofs that are hooded. The walls aren’t made out of drywall, like many homes in America, but cedar instead.

Costa Rica

Many Costa Ricans live in Tico homes. These homes tend to be small, but can vary in size. The roofs tend to be low and peaked. As far as the walls go, they are made out of cinder blocks and plaster. What really sets them apart is that the homes are usually painted in a bright color.

As you can see, homes in other countries can look a lot different than they do in the United States. Many of them are designed to take into account the unique needs of the inhabitants and climate of the area. To find out more information about these homes, you can click here. 

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