What Are The Different Types Of Shower Faucets?

What Are The Different Types Of Shower Faucets?

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There are different types of shower faucets and you should choose the right one that meets your needs and preferences. The shower-only faucet uses a shower head and a control. The advanced trims can also provide you thermostatic valve. This type of faucet is common in households, but the tub-shower combo is also used. This combo features a wall-mounted tub spout and a shower head on the bathtub. These are the two main options, but there are many sub-types with different features.

1. Single Handle Faucets

Single handle shower faucets provide you easy control over temperature and they are the most commonly installed showers. There is a single handle and a spout that can be used for controlling hot and cold water. It takes just a single motion to set the desired water temperature.

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2. Single Faucet with Double Handle

These types of faucets feature single mixer faucet and two handles. They are second only to single handle designs in terms of popularity. They have different controls for both and cold water, which means a higher level of control. This type of faucet is commonly used in vintage and antique showers and bathtubs.

3. Double Faucet with Double Handle

If you want something more classic and vintage, double faucets with double handles may be the right choice for your shower. They can be seen in traditional bathtubs featuring shower fixtures. There are separate controls for hot and cold water without any mixer faucet. The two separate handles feature their own water outlets. The design can also be seen in classic sinks. When using this type of faucet, it is suggested to adjust water temperature outside the tub. This is because running only the hot water faucet can increase the risk of a burn.

These are some of the most popular design options in shower faucets. In fact, you can also consider another vintage style that features combined shower and faucet head. Choose the right design based on your preferences and your bathroom’s style and décor. Choose a faucet that offers the best of convenience and aesthetics while fitting perfectly into the overall décor.

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