What an NGO can do before crowdfunding: A quick list

What an NGO can do before crowdfunding: A quick list

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The crowdfunding needs of an NGO are different from those of an individual for very obvious reasons. NGOs have a lot to cater too and thus a lot to receive from. This is why, for NGOs who have just joined the crowdfunding bandwagon, managing so many levels of operation may prove overwhelming unless those running the campaign keep in mind certain things right from the beginning:

  • Get guarantees before you start. Get in touch with all the people close to NGO functionaries who can contribute substantially and occupy important social positions. Ask them to deposit to the best of their capabilities and highlight their contribution while designing your campaign page. Donors follow the herd instinct- for obvious reasons, as nobody would really be comfortable donating to a new kid on the block with zero balance. There is a reason the big NGOs get all the money.
  • Make videos. Videos are usually made only at the launch talking about the objective of the campaign. But there are so many ways videos can be used at so many stages- to talk about objectives, to highlight the donors with the most dedication, to focus on the work that you have been doing with the money that has already been collected,  to show the experiences of those whom the donation is aimed at. Videos are the best way to form a direct connect with the audience, and need to be properly utilised.
  • Stay involved. What kind of donations do you need? Do you need them throughout the year or for a specific period? How many beneficiaries are involved? Get your logistics correct before starting on your work. Remember, NGOs, unlike individual campaigners, usually need some prior success in their field for successful crowdfunding. Also, you should keep in mind that keeping a target deadline is a bad idea to go about crowdfunding, especially in the beginning.
  • Love your donors. Keep them on the loop. Do not judge them if they do not pay you in 3 figures as most donors are habitual contributors. They are not obliged to pay you. So send each of them a token of thanks at least. If you have enough sponsors, you can go for rewards-based crowdfunding. That has been found to work wonders with NGOs seeking crowdfunding.
  • Plan beforehand. Right down to the progress reports that you might be mailing your donors to keep them in the loop. Remember that once the crowdfunding campaign kicks off, it would be a full-time occupation if you want it to be a success. Unless you are committed to being transparent to all your donors, not only are you going to discount on user connect, but your brand value is going to suffer as well.

The key to having a successful crowdfunding campaign is to choose the best crowdfunding platforms in India, like Crowdfunding India. It is easy really. Most of these crowdfunding websites have a minimal platform fee. All you need to do is to build a credible profile with a strong story and share away as much as possible. The support teams are here to help you 24*7.

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