UrbanClap helped us to get the best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

UrbanClap helped us to get the best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

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I could have never thought that this day will come so soon. Sometimes, I think it was just yesterday that Disha was born. But as we all know time flies, it was Disha’s marriage. Disha has always been the most pampered child in the whole family. After all, she is the first child in our small and happy family. From childhood she was very intelligent and smart. She always had plans for everything. If she had to complete her homework, she knew how she had to proceed so that she can complete her homework in the mean time. Now, it was her marriage and obviously she had all the plans for her marriage. She is just a perfectionist and always wants everything to be hundred percent perfect. She left almost all the preparations on us and the wedding planner we hired, but she was not happy with the wedding photographer, whom the wedding planners suggested. She wanted to hire the best wedding photographer in Mumbai, so that all her Wedding photographs can be perfect.

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We thought that there would be no bothering for us, as there will be professional wedding planners arranging each and everything according to us. But this disappointment and disagreement with them on the Wedding Photographer topic have already brought us quite a big headache. Finding someone who is a professional in this field was seriously a very tedious task. Even Disha was quite upset with the unsatisfactory portfolio of the Wedding photographer recommended by the Wedding Planners.

I contacted few of my close relatives who were living in Mumbai only to get some idea about the professional wedding photographers, but all of them were least aware about any such professional. Disha was busy exploring numerous wedding photographers online, but she was very disappointed with the price they quoted. All of them quoted a very high price in comparison to their portfolios that were e-mailed to us. Few of the contact details which we got from various online resources were either not in service or they were just the beginners in this profession. Disha was much tensed as she was unable to find any professional wedding photographer in Mumbai.

UrbanClap: The Saviour

All of us were sitting together discussing about the possibilities to find the wedding photographer. Few of Disha’s friends were also present there. When she was explaining the difficulties to find a single professional wedding photographer, one of her friends told her that she was just wasting her time over those useless sites. She told her that when she had something as good as the UrbanClap application she should not worry about getting the best wedding photographer in Mumbai.

She asked Disha to download the UrbanClap app on her smart phone from the Google Play Store. She also told her that she already had used the beauty services at her home and they were just awesome in providing their services. She told us that the products they use are best in quality and they never compromise with the customer’s needs and wants. All of us were both relieved and tempted at the same time after listening to her words. As soon as the app got installed on Disha’s smart phone and we opened it, the application needed us to fill few of the required details in the given area in order to get her registered on the platform. Disha took a few more minutes to fill up the details and soon she was registered on the application. She entered the location and service she was seeking for and all of were surprised to see a number of options for Wedding photographers were flashing on the screen of her phone.

At first all of us were confused as the list was very long and we just had to pick one and that too the best Wedding photographer in Mumbai. But soon we all realised that it was really not tough to find the best among all the provided listings rather it was very easy to get the professional from the UrbanClap app. I must say the user interface of the application is very user friendly and anyone can easily use the application and get the required service providers for him or her.

How to find the best wedding photographer from UrbanClap?

As I told, at first it seemed to us that finding a professional from UrbanClap was going to be tedious job but we soon realised that all of them have got some ratings and reviews from their previous clients which was going to be very helpful for us in finding the best professional wedding photographer for Disha’s D-day. We carefully compared the ratings and reviews of each professional. Disha took time in reading the reviews too so that she can know the situations various clients had already faced. She even checked the websites the service providers mentioned in their profiles.

After filtering the list and getting few of the service providers who received the highest ratings, she started sending the e-mails asking them for their price quotes. Within no time we started receiving the price quotes of the selected wedding photographers. To our ultimate surprise, we also received portfolios along with their price quotes, which were again going to be very helpful for us to decide the best wedding photographer in Mumbai.

Disha reviewed the portfolios and decided over one portfolio. She called on the number provided and asked the person to come for a face to face meeting. The person came for the meeting and he was just at time. He came with his portfolio and we liked the way he cleared all our doubts and assured us for the best services.

Why UrbanClap?

I preferred UrbanClap for getting the wedding photographer for my daughter’s wedding day and that was the best decision I had. All the promises were kept by him and his talented team members. They never missed any of the ceremonies, neither they were late nor we had to shout over them for anything. They well understood our requirements and all the shoots were just awesome. All of us were very happy and satisfied with their work.

Mr. Rabin Arora and his whole team from “Gesture” indeed is the best wedding photographer in Mumbai. They are skilled and well trained. They will not let you compromise with any of your wishes. The kind of service they provided was just awesome and that too in pocket friendly price. I am very thankful to the whole team of “Gesture” for bringing me the best memories of my daughter’s wedding. Today also, when I go through the photographs I feel nostalgic. The whole team of “Gesture” is highly recommendable to anyone and everyone who is longing for any kind of shoot. They are the best in their profession and I am really thankful to Disha’s friend for letting us know about such a great platform. I am also thankful to the UrbanClap and its whole team for bringing such an amazing idea to bridge the gap between the service seekers and the skilled service providers. UrbanClap has made the service provider’s hunt easier.

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