Understanding Accountability In Sales – Is There More To It?

Understanding Accountability In Sales – Is There More To It?

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As an estate agent (or any marketer, really) you will be familiar with sales accountability in business. What we tend to lose sight of, though, is the difference between accountability for improved lead management and accountability as a value.

Sales accountability in lead management

First, the one we always focus on. Especially for estate agents, you need to be held accountable for your interactions with leads. This involves making first contact with new leads, staying in contact with them regularly throughout the sales funnel, and eventually making the sale.

If you neglect your leads, you will lose business. That is why so many estate agents are making efforts to improve their lead management with systems like Leadtrekker. This system gives you a centralised database to store client information, improving your ability to communicate by never losing information.

Another feature which is especially helpful towards improving sales accountability is the alert systems. Whether it’s for a new lead that has been generated or an old lead that needs to be followed up on, having a system that keeps you alert at all times is a great help. With this, you never have to lose business due to forgetting or neglecting leads ever again.

Accountability as a value

Have you ever lost a lead because a sales agent made a mistake? Almost every business has experienced this, but the most alarming fact is that this loss can actually be turned around more often than what we see in practice.

More than keeping in touch with clients, accountability as a value is about owning up to your mistakes. If something goes wrong, leads will be upset, and they will blame you. If you try to throw the blame back at them, they will leave.

But what if you simply admitted to the error, apologised, and offered a solution? More often than not that is all it takes to pacify a lead, because they get the impression that you practice integrity in your business and truly appreciate them as potential customers. Once they see evidence of that, they are more likely to be willing to forgive the mistake and move forward.

How can you implement both of these aspects?

You can greatly improve your sales accountability by simply keeping a better eye on these aspects and encouraging improvement where you see any shortcomings.

Try this free trial for Leadtrekker’s lead management system. See for yourself how you can keep track of your sales agents’ accountability, and use this information to help them improve their lead conversion rate.

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