Top 8 Countertop Ideas Using Natural Stones In Houston

Top 8 Countertop Ideas Using Natural Stones In Houston

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It is once in a lifetime event to build a house of your dreams. You spend all your savings and lot of your time in getting it constructed. Construction of a house is one part of it. The phase which requires most of your time and money is aninterior decoration of your house.

Interior decoration involves alot of things to be taken care of. You have to think of the color of wall paint, whether to use wallpaper or not, choosing tiles and marbles for the floor, selection of door and windows panels and a lot more of that.

You must visit a natural stone gallery to select the best-suited stone for your house. Natural stones are the most preferred choice as they are:

  • Durable
  • Available in many colours and textures
  • Value for money

Top 8 Countertop Ideas Using Natural Stones in Houston

  1. Granite:Many homeowners who renovate their kitchen they prefer granite countertops due to its looks, longevity, and durability.
  2. Luxurious Marble Countertops:Marble is softer than granite and offers a warm look. You can design an elegant bathroom by utilizing granite, quartz; marble that has prestige and weight. You can use these stones for vanity counterparts, backsplash and flooring too.
  3. Soapstone:This is a matte and smooth stone that is available in many hues. This natural stone remains unaffected by acids; therefore, stains due to spilling tea, coffee or juice does not occur. Mineral oil is enough to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of Soapstone.
  4. Laid-back Limestone: This is a beautiful natural stone that contains pieces of seashells and fossils. This is perfect material for tubs, showers, and countertops for thebathroom as it can hold up well against water.
  5. Quartzite:These countertops are versatile as they don’t stain and very hygienic. It can endure heat without scorching and crack. The water resistant property of this stone makes it thefirst choice for kitchen countertop material.
  6. Black Slate:This has slip resistant and waterproof qualities that make it ideal countertop material for bathroom and kitchen. It creates a sense of grounding and calmness.
  7. Blue Granite:Granite has come with new stain and colorizing techniques that are making it best material for acountertop. You can get beautiful granite counter designed in blue colour. This is available in any shape and size.
  8. Engineered quartz:This is a new engineered material that is made up of quarried slabs of stone.It is highly durable and stylish. Adding a quartz top while using any other contrasting material for perimeter counters is an ideal way to add zest to the kitchen.

These are some ideas about the material that you can choose while designing countertops.

Most of the house designs have anopen kitchen, a small bar, large and big bathrooms, etc. These are the few features that are trending in recent designs. So in such designs, countertops play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of theentire house. Natural Stones such as marble are highly preferred to be used for Countertops houston.

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