Top 5 Gordmans Home Décor for a Bohemian Living Room

Top 5 Gordmans Home Décor for a Bohemian Living Room

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By Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer at Decor Snob

Gordmans home décor is the answer to my constant need for change in my home’s interior. Their products are unique and innovative that each item surely does make the home more attractive. Their wall décor items are what they are famous for. They make any wall look more stylish with each artistic and quirky designs.

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Just last week I decided that I want to update my living room. The old theme I had going on was shabby chic but I wanted to replace it with something livelier. Since I am a big fan of bohemian décor, I was secretly hoping to find home decors in the said style. So I headed to Gordmans to see what I could find. Here are the things I took home with me that day:

  1. Cotton tribal lamp shade

Figure 1

Lamps are usually bought when the decorator or homeowner just wants to fill a space in the living room. However, with this tribal lamp, it was love at first sight! It is such a beauty and in addition I think that having a lamp as quirky as this in my living room would be an opportunity to brighten up the space.

  1. Bicycle pillow

Figure 2

I love my bicycle. It takes me to and from work and basically anywhere within reasonable distance. I like that it is also in my favorite color. When I laid eyes on it I immediately knew it will look good on my living room sofa. I wasn’t wrong!

  1. Arrow wall hooks

Figure 3

This wall décor features two rusty arrows with four hooks. It looks simple but definitely goes perfectly well with the bohemian décor I have in mind. It is both aesthetic and functional at the same time. It is one of the many Gordmans home décor that I absolutely fell in love with right away.

  1. Aztec vase

Figure 4

This Aztec ceramic vase is a piece of art in itself. The blending of blue and gold makes it a unique décor. At present, this piece is brightening up my living room’s side table. It is a beautifully textured vase that looks graceful in my newly redecorated living space.

  1. Antler candle holder

Figure 5

I think that antler decors can be incorporated into any kind of décor but this one is currently looking fierce on my coffee table. I like that this piece shows off a mix of both urban and rural with a touch of nature to make my living room look warm and inviting.

Gordmans home décor items have really helped a lot in transforming my living room. I am thrilled that I was able to bring all the above items without ruining my budget.


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