Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips

Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips

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1. Diversify the color in the room. This is important to add balance and should be considered with not only the paint in the room but the artwork, furniture, and rugs. Use the larger spaces in the room to designate the dominant room color too. If there is a massive wall, use that for the primary paint color. Add a secondary color and then accent tones to bring out the color in the rest of the room. If there are windowed doors or windows in the room, you can enhance the natural landscapes by painting the window or door frames a darker color.

2. Area rugs can really break up a room. Adding colorful area rugs to the center of a room can really bring out the other colors in the room from furniture and artwork. If your area rug is going to be placed under a coffee table or other furniture you will want to get proper measurements to make sure it frames the room properly. If the rooms are very large living areas you can use two rugs to break the room up and create multiple living spaces for people to gather.

3. A couch is often times a co-centerpiece in a living space and may share the majority of the room with a table or art piece. A couch is not just a place of comfort; it should also be considered a decorative centerpiece for the home. But a couch without pillows is just a place of comfort, not a decorative centerpiece. So how do you utilize this piece of furniture to enhance the visual aspect of the interior of your home? Add pillows! Large pillows are a great way to accent the couch, add color, and even introduce new design patterns into the room. You can overlap these large pillows with smaller pillows and add even more color diversity. Don’t overdo it, leave space for visitors to sit comfortably, but add enough to break up space.

4. Add a large unique coffee table to the center of the room. It’s a great place to set up board games, add discussion pieces, set coffee cups, and eat upon. Smaller living spaces will benefit from smaller tables and even adding corner tables is an option.

5. Mount your television set and hide all cables. The modern TV weighs next to nothing and can easily be mounted to the wall with a bracket and some mounting hardware. Create a small hole behind the television where you can feed the power supply, cable, and any other auxiliary cables that connect to it including speakers and surround. Near the baseboards create another hole to feed these through to a power strip. If there is a bookshelf or table that can be placed in front of the hole to cover it then do that to cover the opening.

6. Too many people hang artwork and family pictures very high on the walls. The problem becomes that the dead space between the furniture and the artwork create a void that is not only large and empty but tends to attract the eye. An individual is more likely to notice the dead space between the furniture and the artwork than they will between the top of the artwork and the ceiling.

7. Break up your bookshelf with pictures, art, books, and various trinkets you may have collected through your walk of life. Stack your books vertically and horizontally to break of the look and feel of the shelf. Low maintenance plant life like cactus or desert plants can be added to give more life and color to the shelving area.

8. Add mirrors, mirrors can artificially add depth to a room, reflect light, and give guests the opportunity to look around without looking around. Place mirrors on the shelves, walls, and floors when acceptable. Hanging a large mirror eye level us a great way to occupy wall space and gives passerby a place to check themselves out. When place mirrors in the room, leverage natural light sources to reflect light into darker corners of the room.

9. Go granite! Adding granite to the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms can really make a home look classy and sophisticated without the price points of marble. Natural granite stone surfaces come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns and can enhance the look and feel of any room. Granite is a nearly indestructible surface that can withstand long-term abuse and is an amazing alternative to the more expensive surfaces that are on the market.

10. Plantlife. Adding plant life beyond the bookshelf is a great way to not only add life and color to the room but plants oxygenate the air and can be fragrant. Plants that shed little waste are more desirable than flower shedding plants.

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