These Native Australian Plants Will Have Your Local Bees Buzzing With Happiness

These Native Australian Plants Will Have Your Local Bees Buzzing With Happiness

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Are you an Australian gardener that would love to have a bee-friendly garden? Have you started to grow your grass longer as well as planted fruit trees and flowering vegetables to attract more bees?

If so, you may have neglected one thing that can really persuade bees your garden is a bee haven. That is to grow native Australian plants that will be hardier, and even more attractive to the local bee population.

  • Plectranthus — These purple flowering beauties grow in partial sun, and only need soil that drains well and some organic compost mixed into it to thrive.
  • Hibbertia — These five-petaled flowering plants love both full sun and partial shade and do well as long as you water them regularly when it gets hot.
  • Xanthorrhea — There are 30 types of flowering Xanthorrhea and not only do they look beautiful, but every one of them is popular with bees. Plant them where they will get full sun and be sure to keep them watered.
  • Bracteantha Spp — The single flower Bracteantha Spp blooms with the most gorgeous yellow flower, with petals that open wide to give bee’s easy access to their nectar.
  • Tecomanthe Hilli — Australian native plants do not get much prettier than the Tecomanthe Hilli with its bell-shaped flowers and vibrant green leaves.
  • Scaevola — The Scaevola may look like its flowers have been cut in half, but bees do not seem to care.
  • Leptospermum — With its white, pink, red or lilac flowers, the Leptospermum is a favorite pollination spot for bees, and is also used to make the highly-prized Manuka honey.
  • Melastoma Malabathricum — This flowering plant is not only used as a medicinal plant in some areas of Asia, it is also native to Australia where it is a favorite of the local bee population.

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