The surveillance is an eye to keep tab on the activities of the jail

The surveillance is an eye to keep tab on the activities of the jail

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There is a need of high security in jail and it should be monitored through surveillance as the people in jail can plan for other crimes as well. There are threats of riot in jail, use of mobile phone to plan crime and burglary and ways are open for smuggling drugs in jail. These threats have endangered the security of the people who are living outside. The government has taken tough steps for strengthening the security of the jail, the government security agencies are buying surveillance product from the firms which manufacture security and surveillance products to keep a tab on the activities of jail, because some of the activities in jail are also anti national and promote terrorism. Homeland Safety Systems provide all kinds of surveillance and security products to monitor the jail activities.

The benefits of the video surveillance system

Improved visual coverage- Many jails and prisons have larger areas and have different loopholes; it is not possible that every time guards, officers cannot monitor, but the security cameras can provide continuous coverage of the entire area.

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Monitor inmate activities – As it happens that the officers and guards are involved in other works and if they cannot put a tab on inmates’ activities then this surveillance system also keeps footage of daily activities of the inmates inside the prison.

Provide visual evidence – This system provides video evidence and footage which is extremely valuable resource for investigation of the crime and can even help in tracing down the culprit.

Maintain order in common area – It can penetrate into locations where there is large gathering of the prison inmates like dinner, recreational areas where it monitors the activities of inmates very properly.

Reduces the frequency of assault – There are possibilities of riots and fights amongst the jail inmates. The security camera works to tab such activities of the inmates which further helps in reducing the incidents of violence.

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