The Best Wall Décor for Your Home with Wainscoting

The Best Wall Décor for Your Home with Wainscoting

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A wall décor can be a temporary framed picture or a more permanent structural element. Think of wainscoting or wallpaper! In either case, what you aim at is to enhance the looks of the room. So apart from figuring out whether any new wall renovation or décor will match the room style, you should also think of some special factors to succeed with your project.

4 factors to consider before new wall decorations

  • The wall surface

Not all walls are clean-cut surfaces. Most often, they already have a flat panel running horizontally or are interrupted by windows, doors, or openings. And so the wall space available to redecorate or renovate will make a difference to your decisions. It seems that when walls travel without interruptions, the task is easier. It’s like having a blank canvas to do what you want with it. It’s easier than having narrow surfaces to play with. Now, if there is already a flat or raised panel, you need to decide whether it’s in good condition or needs replacement.

  • The choice of colors

Choosing the right hues from the color palette is one of the hardest decisions. If there is a wall panel wainscoting, you can simply change the colors below and above the chair rail. This will change completely the looks of the room. Although the results will be equally elegant if you paint both sections of the wall the same color, it’s often better to use a slightly different tone for the panel and the remaining wall. After all, you want the wainscoted part of the wall to stand out. Alternatively, let the chair rail do all the work. Paint it a different color than the wall and panel to make it the distinctive, decorating element. Now, if you place wallpaper above the beadboard, make sure the color of the panel is similar to the hues of the wallpaper.

  • The size of the room

When rooms are narrow, you want to make them wider. When they are short, you want to give the impression that they are longer. It will really be helpful if there are openings at these points. For example, if there is an opening to the narrow living room leading to the hallway, you can hang a large mirror on the hallway wall seen from the living room. This will enlarge the room. Alternatively, you can paint the wall a glossy white. It will still make a similar impression but won’t be a mirror. Another idea is to paint the wall a warm and friendly color – like orange, deep turquoise, or light green. Since these colors are not used often, they will make the space very attractive and unique.

  • The height of the ceiling

Always consider the height of the ceiling and other structural elements in the room, especially if you plan wainscoting installation. Whether or not you want to lower or bring the ceiling up, the wainscot must run at the right height. Lower to bring the ceiling up. Higher to bring the ceiling down.

And it’s always the question of which panel to use. Beadboard wainscoting often brings a more farmhouse look to the room. And so such choices are best left for bathrooms or kitchens. For your living room or dining room, a shaker will look great. If you are searching for home decor ideas for living room, then contact Model-Home Makeover for tailored solutions.

Some more décor ideas for wainscoted walls

  • One of the most common solutions is to give the impression of a real shaker wainscoting running the walls without actually installing panels. This is done by simply placing molding to create patterns – simple or complex – on the wall.
  • You can paint the wall an intense color (yellow, black, gray, or blue) and place wainscoting stiles to act as frames. Then you can hang pictures inside the frames to give a more personal touch to your walls.
  • You can still adopt the above wainscoting idea but instead of hanging pictures, you can install wallpaper, hang fabric, adhere book or newspaper pages, or even draw something yourself (that’s if you are an artist).
  • For a very modern look in your laundry room or the bedroom of a teenager, you can paint each panel a different color or use oversized letters to spell out your name.
  • Take a more romantic approach and use the space between the stiles to paint colorful spots or stripes.
  • Another idea is to use wall panels to create a geometric effect by placing them in a pattern you like – and not evenly. You can even line up the lower part of the wall but use shorter and taller panels to make a pattern. This would be a very modern wainscoting design idea.

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