The Benefits of Shade Sails

The Benefits of Shade Sails

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There are many different ways to keep your patio, deck, or porch covered during different times of the year. There are many reasons to keep these areas covered as well. If you’re covering your patio or porch, you want to keep the rain off of it as well as the sunshine. During the hottest months of the year, sunlight can become a serious impediment to spending your time on your porch or patio. In certain parts of the country during the summer, the temperature of the sun can rise as much as ten degrees hotter than the temperature in the shade. Therefore, you could decrease the temperature on your deck or patio by covering it to create shade. During the winter, the heat on your patio or porch can escape since there is no cover to trap the rising heat. A shade sail will keep that from happening.

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What Are Shade Sails?


A shade sail is, as the name implies, a sail for creating shade. The sail is made of a fabric of your choosing; there are many different kinds of fabric that can be used to make these types of shades. Something like a mesh or fabric sail might not be waterproof, but it will keep the sun off of your patio. It will also allow air to flow through, which means it will dry faster and also allow cooling breezes to blow. If you want something more waterproof, there are PVC and vinyl shades as well. The shade sail itself is a large piece of fabric stretched between different brackets. It forms a lightweight roof over your patio. You need to make sure you have a reliable shade sail bracket, though.

As the wind picks up on certain days, the sail will catch the wind just like a sail on a boat. That will cause the sail to pull against the brackets. That’s why you need strong materials and strong brackets to hold them together.

The Benefits

Shade sails offer benefits over other types of covers in some ways. For one, they are lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, they can be taken down with more ease than some other types of patio roofs that are on the market.

During the winter, shade sails have been shown to keep patios warmer when used in conjunction with heating elements. An outdoor heater is designed to direct heat downwards. However, heat naturally rises. That means it will always try to rise away from your patio and dissipate. Putting a roof over your patio will help to trap some of that heat before it can escape into the atmosphere. Overall, shade sails help you stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They’re lightweight and affordable; you just need to make sure you have good brackets holding them together.

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