Summer Home Maintenance Guide

Summer Home Maintenance Guide

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Before summer hits and you start rushing off to the beach, you need to prepare your home for the higher temperatures and humidity. Getting everything back in order after winter requires attention to specific things. You also have to be aware of the effects hot weather can have on your home. The following offers a guide to the different tasks you need to do inside and outside your home to prepare it for the summer weather.


Hot temperatures are the worst for your refrigerator. After all, its job is to keep things cool, so the fridge is constantly fighting the temperature outside of it to ensure the temperature inside of it is staying at the proper coolness. To help your fridge out a bit, you should clean the coils. The coils are found behind the kick plate or on the back. You should clean them of any dust, which makes the fridge work harder. You also need to check the door seals. Make sure they are in good condition and not letting any air leak.

You also should clean the vents exhausting air out of your home. The range hood on your stove can get horrible grease build up. Clean it down and ensure it is not harboring grease deposits. Try to take it apart and clean every accessible area. Also, clean your bathroom vent fan. Dust can really collect on them and reduce their efficiency.

This is also a good time of year to clean out your drains. Tackle any clogs or slow draining issues by running a drain stick to pull out debris. Then clean it by flushing with some bleach and hot water. You should also clean your shower head by soaking it in vinegar.

Because you will be switching ceiling fans to their summer settings, you should clean the blades. If you switch the direction without doing this, you may end up in a dusty rain storm.

When the seasons change, you should always check your smoke detector batteries, so this is a great thing to add to your summer household maintenance checklist. Just push the test button to ensure they are all working properly.

Finally, make sure your air conditioning units are ready to go. Whether you use central air or window units, you should check them over and inspect them for issues. This way you can get them fixed before you need them to combat the heat.


Outdoors you want to get everything ready for all the time you will be spending out in the sun. If you have a clothesline, check the line and replace it if needed. Get the hose out of storage and hook it up. Bring out the lawn furniture you tucked away for the winter.

If you have a pool, you will want to begin maintenance on it. Get it cleaned, filled, and treated so it is ready to go that first warm day. You should also get out pool accessories and make sure they are cleaned and repaired. Also, check gates and fences around the pool to ensure they are secure, and test any safety devices you use in the pool area.

This is a great time to scrub down your home’s exterior to remove any mold or mildew. Just use diluted bleach to give it a good scrub and spray down with the hose.

Finishing touches include inspecting your deck for damage and making repairs, prepping fire pits, and mulching flower beds. Do the final touches to really make your home look great. You also may need to get out the mower and do your first mow of the season.

Getting your home ready for summer is all about waking it up after the long months of winter. In the fall, you probably sealed and put up everything. In summer, you are undoing all that.

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