Starting a Hydroponic Grow? Here is What You Will Need…

Starting a Hydroponic Grow? Here is What You Will Need…

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Have a love for gardening? Want to produce your own Hydroponic grow for those herbs and vegetables? Look no further! Here is a list of the basic components of a Hydroponic grow and what they do.

Grow Tray

The main component of a hydroponic grow! This is what holds your plants-to-be and is the chamber for growing. This component is ‘usually’ kept away from the nutrient reservoir and is the basis of the setup.

Nutrient Reservoir& Delivery System.

It’s exactly what the name describes. This part of your grow is what stores all the necessary nutrients for your plants before the plants are fed and able to grow. The material of the reservoir is highly important as to not contaminate or provoke any harmful behaviour towards your plantation. We suggest looking for a non-metallic reservoir as a metallic one can encourage the growth and contamination towards your advanced nutrients. As the plants need the nutrients, we also get a Delivery System, which is what transports all the nutrient water from the reservoir, to the grow tray as we usually keep these two parts separate. The Delivery System also enables any excess nutrient solution to be transported back to the reservoir, so you get the maximum use out of your product.

The Nutrients

This is a very obvious and most important part of the whole grow! What plant process can go without the nutrient solution? None.

The nutrients come in a solution that compiles of the nutrients to which you dissolve in water before you begin the whole process.

This is the whole part and the whole reason Hydroponic growing works so well as this part contains ALL the vital nutrients for your plants so make sure you get the right solution for your budding grow. Different plants need different percentages and types of nutrients to suit their needs.

Growing Medium

This is what the Hydroponic system uses in replacement for soil. There are many different varieties depending on which plants you grow.

Hydroponic Pump &Airstone.

The pump is essential as it provides the nutrient solution to travel through the whole system as a sort of propellant for the water. However, An Airstone is used to push oxygen into your solution to promote the speed and growth of your plants. Without the use of a pump and airstone, there will be very minimal oxygen for the plants to feed off, therefore slowing and stopping plant growth.

Air Filtration System & Carbon Filter.

If your grow provides an odour, or you simply want cleaner, purer and minimal bacteria in the air for your plants to thrive on, an air filter is a perfect way to combat those issues. Within this system, you can buy a carbon filter. There are different types of carbon filters to suit your needs, but the best are usually made with what’s called ‘pelletized virgin carbon.’

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