Solar panels: an alternate source of energy to reduce your electric consumption

Solar panels: an alternate source of energy to reduce your electric consumption

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By installing solar panels on your house top,you can not only reduce your electricity bill, but make your own mini power grid and decrease your dependence on the power and save yourself from power lost situations.

What is a solar panel?

A solar panel is a plate made up of silicon cells used to convert sunlight into electricity and helps you to produce your own electricity power for your domestic or industrial use. A solar panel best works in the sunny weather and reduce your dependence on the power grid. The solar plates have two types of photovoltaic cells, one type includes a single silicon cell while others have multi silicon cells mounted on each other.

Where to install the solar panel?

You can install your solar panels to any place outside your house, but the rooftop is the best place to install your solar panel as they are more exposed in the sunlight when placed on the roof top. The roof receives maximum sunlight than other parts of your house, also they are the safest place to install the plates. When you install the plates in your porch or garden they might get damaged while working in your house or while your children playing in your garden.

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How to best use the solar panels?

The solar panels produce electricity in daytime, but you can increase its efficiency by changing its direction with the change in direction of the sun. By changing direction of your solar panel directly towards the sun enables it to receive maximum sunlight directed at it, and make it to work with its full efficiency and produce more power.

The solar panels are also environment friendly, the electricity obtained from the power grids is mostly produced from the thermal power plants which pollutes our environment and increase carbon emission. So by using solar panels we contribute in controlling global warming.

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