Shreveport Eye Specialists: How Lasik Treatment Actually Works

Shreveport Eye Specialists: How Lasik Treatment Actually Works

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Lasik is the abbreviated form of laser assisted in situ keratomuleusis. It is a common form of surgery performed to improve your vision to a great extent. It is used for treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and even astigmatism. So, if you are suffering from any of these issues, you are asked to get in touch with Shreveport Eye Specialists for the best LASIK treatment you have ever asked for. This happens to be the third corrective treatment, once you are through with glasses and contact lenses. But first, before you head for this surgical norm, you might want to know how LASIK works. Well, now you get your answer.

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Ways Lasik works:

It is up to the trained eye surgeon to perform this LASIK treatment on patients the surgeon is a trained professionals and have education in this kind of treatment, before finally working on a patient. Unless they have license to do so, don’t let them even touch your eye! The surgeon will use a mechanical form of surgical tool namely femtosecond laser or miceokeratome for creating circular and thin flap in cornea. After that, they will fold the hinged flap back for accessing underlying corner and for removing some of the corneal tissue with the help of excimer laser.

Next steps to follow:

This laser is designed to use cool UV beams for removing microscopic tissues from corner for reshaping it. That helps in focusing on light more accurately than before for improved vision.  For the nearsighted ones, the goal is always to flatten corner. On the other hand, for the farsighted individuals, it is about creating steeper corner. Always head for the trained doctors as not every eye doctor is able to perform this task so easily. So, get help of the best practice right now for sure.

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