Perfect Porcelain: Great Replacement for Travertine Inside & Out

Perfect Porcelain: Great Replacement for Travertine Inside & Out

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Porcelain tile can provide the perfect lower-cost and lower-maintenance replacement for homeowners that want to use travertine tile but are concerned about the limestone’s potential to crack in the cold when used outdoors.

Among the many benefits of porcelain – a type of ceramic – is that it can be produced in a wide variety of designs. Some homeowners already know the benefits of using porcelain tile that’s made to look like hardwood for a cheaper, more-resilient alternative to wooden floors. But porcelain tile also works just as well in mimicking travertine – with none of the drawbacks.

In addition, porcelain has a number of practical qualities that makes it an excellent replacement for travertine tile for interior and exterior design projects. It’s incredibly strong, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without suffering any damage. It’s also easy to keep clean, and there’s no risk of slippery floors when it’s wet, making it perfect for use in places like the bathroom. And there’s also no chance that it will suffer from exposure to the elements when used outside.

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For an exterior project that might call for travertine, consider instead using a beige porcelain tile designed to resemble that natural stone. This look works well to cover the flooring for an outside dining area, and perhaps also with matching stepping stones throughout the garden.

Or use porcelain tile in a mix of gold, white, and brown shades mimicking travertine for a warm and rustic look that’s perfect either outside or inside. It can work wonders for a patio, while inside it projects a calming visual that will look beautiful in the kitchen or bathroom.

The bathroom in particular benefits hugely from the use of porcelain tile made to look like travertine. One option is gray tile that looks the natural stone with veins of varying colors of gray. Choices for using this in the bathroom include covering an entire wall, for countertops, or for parts or all of a wall – with the versatility of porcelain tile, the options are almost limitless.

Yet another style variety is light green porcelain tile which also looks like travertine, which can be found in a range of colors from grays to greens to browns. Using this green shade of tile with light streaks throughout will help to give any bathroom a thoroughly modern appearance.

Many people think of brown shades when they think of travertine, and in the bathroom a nice approach is to use a base brown color porcelain travertine-look tile that’s finished with prominent veins of white and other shades of brown. It projects a classic appearance and the relatively neutral colors will match easily with a wide range of colors for bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Porcelain tile that’s produced to resemble travertine isn’t just limited to the design samples above, nor is it limited to using it only in the bathroom or outside areas. The tile is much more versatile than that, so for homeowners considering travertine, move porcelain tile to the top of the list instead.

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