Marilyn Monroe and Her Influence on Art and Lamps

Marilyn Monroe and Her Influence on Art and Lamps

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Great people or celebrities inspire a lot of great art. One of the pop culture icons of the 20th Century is Marilyn Monroe who is well known for her deep red lips.

She influenced art, including designing of lamps. Even years after her death in 1962, her memorabilia is a runaway bestseller.

There are many designers or vintage lamps you can collect. You can also collect items from celebrities, e.g., Marilyn Monroe. She was an avid collector of lamps. You can find vintage lamps Marilyn Monroe special collections online like eBay or through antique shops. Examples of vintage lamps could be era-based, e.g., Victorian (the 1840s to early 1900s), or it could be designer driven, e.g., Tiffany, Handel, and Aladdin lamps.  Lava lamps were one of the highlights of the 1960s and 1970s.

As one of the biggest sex symbols of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe embodied glamour and sultry beauty. Her real name before she became Monroe was Norma Jean Mortenson. She initially focused on being a model for magazines and various advertisements before she transitioned to films of which she became part of 29 films and in 1950 garnered her Golden Globe award for her film, “All about Eve.” She married thrice. Two of those she got married to were playwright Arthur Miller and baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio.

Some modern lamps are inspired by Marilyn Monroe. One of it is the Iskos Berlin Wavy Felt Lamp. It mimics Monroe’s famous dress that was wind-blown. This was designed by a dynamic Danish pair, Iskos Berlin. They used an interesting process called thermoforming, wherein designers can make shapes as if the shapes are floating in the air.

Recently, lamp designer brand, ICON62, which was launched in 2012, came up with a new set of lamps that had Marilyn Monroe vintage pictures.  When you switch the lamp on, an original magazine cover from the era of the 1950s to 1960s become illuminated.  The founder of ICON62, ERicSalone, collected lamps and is passionate about fashion. This collection of Marilyn Monroe inspired lamps is the result of those two passions. You can also give these lamps as Christmas gifts. They use champagne-tinted plexiglass which was Marilyn’s favorite drink as well as referencing her blonde locks.

A recent auction of Marilyn Monroe’s personal belongings showed her taste for jewelry, bags, and clothes. For sure some of these items will be lamps that she used in her apartments. These personal items were left to Monroe’s acting mentor, Lee Strasberg.

In Dublin, there is a 1,120 square foot house that is a Marilyn-Monroe theme all throughout. It is now up for sale for the most ardent Monroe fans. French jeweler designer, Remy Rotenier, has also created “Silver Heels” shoe pendants to give tribute to Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities which have inspired him.

Finally, using digital technology, Monroe came back to life in a Dior commercial which was selling perfume.

Truly, her legacy looks to be immortal.

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