Lighting Up Your Space – Ways Commercial Lighting Affects Your Business

Lighting Up Your Space – Ways Commercial Lighting Affects Your Business

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The type of lighting fixtures, where you position them, and the type of light they emit can have a profound effect on your business. You may see them as just lamps or bulbs that illuminate a given space, but in the business setting, how you design your lighting can evoke certain feelings and emotions among your customers, employees, and even you, as the business owner. This is the reason why every entrepreneur needs to carefully think of their commercial lighting design, making sure that it makes all the people involved happy, confident and productive.

SAD is Real

Improper commercial lighting can make people SAD, but this is not a mere feeling of loneliness. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition wherein your customers and employees feel gloomy and depressed. SAD manifests itself when people are affected by the darkness or lack of light, or when the winter season or rainy climates block natural light.

It is essential for employers to ensure that their space receives a right amount of light to help counter SAD in industrial settings. Light therapy is a conventional treatment for SAD, so if you don’t want people to feel gloomy upon entering your store, make sure that it is well-lighted.

Better Lighting = Better Productivity

If you ever find an employee slacking at work in his office or cubicle, you might want to check on him and his work environment. If the working space receives bleak, dull light, your employee could feel sleepy, depressed and less proactive about work. The scientific basis for this is that the body releases melatonin when it receives lesser light. Melatonin makes people sleepy; hence, the immediate surrounding that’s lacking light, could make your employees less enthusiastic about work.

Excellent Lighting Design Can Encourage More Sales

You’ve probably also noticed that most establishments like retail stores and restaurants are always well-lighted. Proper lighting design can make products look more appealing and encourage visitors to make a purchase.

For instance, most cosmetics counters have vanity mirrors with bulbs. When you apply lipstick or blush on, the shades appear more pronounced and colorful. When you find your favorite red lipstick looking as red as it could be because of excellent lighting design, what’s stopping you from buying the item? Repeat the same scenario with every customer who visits your counter and start counting the sales.

Lighting is an Essential Element in Commercial Setting

Light is essential in a residential setting, but when you take lighting to your business, you’ll see that it’s just as relevant. After all, the primary goal of your business is to make more sales, so you should consider excellent commercial lighting as an investment.

If you own a business in Houston or the surrounding areas, you should consider getting a commercial lighting Houston professional to design and install your lights in your store or office. Lighting fixtures do more than illuminate; they can make a world of difference to your business.

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