I’ve Been Wondering, What Do Websites Like TopFakePeeReviews.com Do?

I’ve Been Wondering, What Do Websites Like TopFakePeeReviews.com Do?

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If we really try to dissect this particular website’s domain name, we get Top + Fake + Pee + Reviews. The words themselves we can quite understand, but what’s up with creating reviews for fake pee? And why does anyone what to fake pee anyway?

So I did some digging and it turns out there is more to websites like these than just reviewing fake pees.

What’s Fake Pee?

The real question is, does fake pee even exist? Like, do you take a bucket of water and put a slightly yellowish dye on it? Well, that’s what I first. Turns out fake pee is a more serious and frequent phenomenon. I’ll explain why later on.

How Does One Fake Their Pee?

There are several ways you can fake urine actually. I, too, was surprised to find out how creative and resourceful people can be. During my search, I came across these procedures that are “said” to be effective ways to falsify pee contents:

  1. Adding foreign bodies/chemicals
  2. Diluting the urine sample
  3. Asking for a sample of urine from someone who’s clear

I know, they sound like pretty desperate attempts. But who knows what goes on people’s minds – right?

Why Would Anyone Fake Their Pee?

This too, was a question I kept pondering about over and over. And upon reading this article, it enlightened me on why people would attempt to (sometimes successfully) fake their urine.

Do you know what medical technologists do? They’re professionals whose main function in society is to run tests on human fluids and excretions (urine and feces). Although I made it sound unappealing, medical technologist play a very important role in the field of medicine. They are responsible for monitoring blood characteristics and testing fluids and waste material for any irregularities. This noble profession help doctors diagnose what exactly is wrong with a person’s body. As well as aid in the assessments of academic and corporate professionals – especially in terms of hiring and admission practices.

So Let’s Ask The Question Again: Why Do People Fake Their Pee?

Urine tests are by far the most commonly used medical test in physical examinations. After all, urine may be considered body waste but they also hold many truths about your body. For example, your urine test result can provide much information about your sugar intake. It can also tell you about your body’s acidity level or when you are experiencing abdominal and reproductive infections.

Another thing urine tests can detect is the presence of chemical substances otherwise known as medicinal drugs. And in case you’re wondering, it can tell when you’re into heroin or cocaine too.

With all that being said, maybe there is a reason for people to fake their pee after all and a reason why websites like topfakepeereviews.com exist. But I bet anyone who tries to sabotage their urine results have something to hide. Quite a big giveaway that they’re doing something unlawful – don’t you think?

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