Interior Sliding Barn Doors are Trending in Home Improvement Projects

Interior Sliding Barn Doors are Trending in Home Improvement Projects

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Have you ever walked into a mid 19th century craftsman style home and seen the heavy wood pocket doors that slide together to separate a dining room from a living room? These were things of beauty and quite substantial in size and weight. The pocket doors did not take up precious floor space in homes and apartments that weren’t large inside. These heavy doors often served to close off rooms that were not being occupied to conserve on heat. They worked well.

In the 20th century sliding pocket doors were mostly used for small powder rooms and closets that opened into narrow hallways. They were not a design feature, and they were not heavy and elegant. So many times the pocket doors in these applications would come off of the concealed track hardware. Reinstalling them was and is a carpenter’s nightmare.

In the 21st century, we are seeing a trend of bringing the exterior sliding barn door inside as a focal point. This is quite popular right now, giving birth to an entire industry of elegant sliding doors and hardware. What do we like so much about these doors?

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Design Flexibility 

Solid wood sliding barn doors can be rustic or classic, stained or painted. They can enhance a traditional space or make a statement in contemporary space. Barn style sliding doors don’t have to be wood. Steel frame and glass doors are gaining in popularity in modern homes and offices. Sliding glass shower doors can be used to lighten up a bathroom.

The sliding hardware options can be equally as versatile and distinctive, as seen at Real Sliding Hardware. The more classic tracks, rails, and pulls might be black iron, hammered iron, or bronze. The more contemporary hardware might be polished stainless steel or a brightly colored enamel finish. The options and possibilities are an interior designer’s dream.

Saves Space

Sliding barn style doors are ideal in areas where floor space is limited. This is especially true for hallways where a swinging door might block the path of travel if left open. These also work well for closets, bathrooms, and glass wall partitions that divide spaces. 


A sliding door is a great solution for persons with mobility issues. Swinging doors are not always easy to maneuver, especially if you are limited by a wheelchair or a walker. These doors are also terrific for those who have an armload of things to carry across a threshold, such as a clothes hamper into a laundry area. Sliding doors will open fully across the doorway without being limited by the hinges.

If you are planning a home improvement or remodeling project, you might want to consider replacing some swinging doors with sliding barn doors. These can add a tasteful design feature in your interior. They also can be used on the exterior, say at a patio or terrace entrance. Sliding doors are easy to install and the options are quite impressive. Some might even say that sliding barn doors are timeless.

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