How Your Old Air Conditioner is Ruining Your Life

How Your Old Air Conditioner is Ruining Your Life

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Sometimes you have to just let go. If your AC is old enough to buy a drink at the bar, it’s time to replace it. You might be hoping to save a bit of money by keeping your old AC for just one more summer, but you could be doing damage by refusing to replace it. Aside from the fact your old AC isn’t cooling the way it used to, here are five other it will ruin your life.

It could wreck your summer. AC systems are just like cars: they start to break down when they age. You might be able to trust an old AC to run for a few hours without a problem, but the longer you keep your AC on life support, the bigger chance it has to just break down. This will happen right in middle of summer and leave you sweating while you wait for repairs or replacement, not to mention the hit your summer vacation budget will take.

It’s adding to your bills. Bad ACs take up more energy, and that can add hundreds of dollars to your electricity bill over the summer. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a 10-year-old AC unit is 20 to 40 percent less efficient than a new unit. There are many energy-efficient models on the market today which are better for your bottom line and for the environment.

It’s making you sick. Old air conditioners can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mildew doesn’t just make your home smell like old gym socks–it can irritate your lungs and even trigger an asthma attack. Old ACs can also get clogged with dust and pet hair, spreading allergens all throughout your home. The Asthma Initiative of Michigan recommends high quality AC units in order to prevent asthma attacks.

It could catch fire.Old units can also be dangerous. Around 7,200 home fires each year are caused by bad home ACs, according to a National Fire Protection Association report. Most of these fires occur in the summer when people are running their ACs more than ever. Old ACs might have corroded wiring and faulty fans which can cause dangerous sparks.

It can damage your home. Old air conditioners tend to leak and spread humidity through your vents. You might not realize your AC ducts are damp until you start seeing water spots on your walls and ceilings. A new AC can keep you from having to replace all of your drywall or hiring someone to disinfect your house because of mold.

The U.S. Department of Energy says that an air conditioner can last for 20 years, but they don’t recommend keeping one past the middle age point. Even if your AC is working “just fine” for now, remember that one bad breakdown can really do some damage to your home and belongings. Don’t wait until your AC dies of old age. Find a newer model that will save you money, time and a bunch of headaches.

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