How to teach toilet methods to your toddlers

How to teach toilet methods to your toddlers

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Toilet training can be given to the children of age group one to four. It is a very important step in the child life. There are several training methods which you can give to your child but choose the one which suits your child’s needs and personality. There are several signs which give you a signal that when you need to start a toilet training of your children like if your child wakes up dry from the nap then it is time to start. Before starting the training you should buy a child toilet training seat like the EASY POTTY TRAINER available from which helps your child to understand what they should to do in the need and they can easily learn how to use the bathroom.

Tips when to start the training

Here are several tips which you can follow during toilet training –

  • Never start the training at early stage because if you start training early there might be a possibility that your child will learn very late. This is because their muscles will not develop or mature that much. So, take your time and start the training when the time comes.
  • It is always advised to start the toilet training in the season of winters this is because in summers you only need to put the lower to the child and if they want to go to the toilet they just need to pull down their pants.
  • You can also read a book to your child on the toilet training method, this will help them a lot and they can relate themselves according to the book when they go to the toilet and potty. You can also take help from the doll and other stuff to demonstrate the method of toilet or potty from this they will easily learn the toilet method.
  • You can also decorate their toilet with toys, stickers and more, in order to motivate them to use the toilet.

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