How to Protect Your Business and Your Home

How to Protect Your Business and Your Home

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It is an unfortunate fact these days that certain types of crime have increased in our towns, suburbs, and cities. If you have ever had the misfortune of coming home to find a broken window and valuables missing from your own home, you’ll understand just how violated people feel when they are the unwitting victim of such a crime. The good news is that security systems are more affordable than ever before.

Is a CCTV System a Good Investment?

Closed-circuit TV cameras have been around for a long time but the development and improvement of digital camera sensor technology has really made them efficient and affordable. CCTV security systems in Perth are available and offer the following benefits:

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  • Digital Technology: One of the best things about modern CCTV surveillance systems is that they use advanced digital video technology. This means that the recorded visuals are clearer and cleaner, enabling better evidence gathering and potential prosecution of trespassers or criminals. It also means that modern CCTV systems are also a lot smaller than they used to be and have fewer moving parts.
  • Digital Storage: Modern CCTV systems also store digital camera footage on hard drives or SD cards. The size of the hard drives alone means that they can store thousands of hours of video footage. This means that unlike the old days when video tapes had to be swapped out every several hours, digital storage is low maintenance and convenient.
  • Web Connections: Many security companies also offer upgrades to CCTV equipment whereby they can be connected to the web via a broadband router. This means that not only can video be stored to the cloud where the option exists but that business owners and homeowners can even see real-time video footage of their premises through online portals or smartphone applications.

The Value of a Good Security System

Where modern security systems differ greatly from their analogue counterparts is that they are more affordable, smaller, of higher quality technically, and Modular Building Hire in nature. This last point is of importance because it means that a business owner or homeowner can, for a relatively low cost, invest in a CCTV system and then upgrade it over time when he or she can afford it.

The modular nature of modern security systems means that one can simply plug new components into an existing system and expand its capacity or capability. For example, one could begin with a simple CCTV system and then expand it into other areas or rooms by adding new cameras. To this, one could then add more hard drive storage for video footage or even other security components such as a broadband connection or motion sensor system.

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