How to Find A Cheap Moving Company You Can Trust?

How to Find A Cheap Moving Company You Can Trust?

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If your moving day is around the corner, then you are probably already occupied with many things. One of the biggest is sure how much your relocation will cost. Moving can be a very expensive affair. Sometimes, it can be costlier than what the initial calculations showed.  That’s why finding the cheap moving company you can trust is a crucial step.

Finding cheap local movers or hiring cheap cross country movers in Florida is the best option you have to move to a new home and save money. In this case, the most expensive mover doesn’t mean that is the best or most reliable.
There are cheap moving companies all around you that you can trust.

When you do your research and evaluate long distance movers from Florida you can find the professionals that can make your relocation easier and with the fewer expenses. Read on and find out how to find decent moving companies on your moving budget.

Time is crucial when you are searching for a cheap moving company that you can trust

The basic idea is to find a quality and cheap moving company that will offer the services you need at a reasonable price. That kind of companies are in the demand even before the official start of the moving season, so it may be hard to reach them. That’s why the time is of the essence.

Once the decision of the moving is final, you should start to search for that companies and book them ASAP.
The ideal head-start is a few months before the actual move-out.

Reliable recommendations

It’s not that easy to find a cheap, but the reliable moving company. Recommendation from someone that you can trust can be very helpful.

If you know some of your friend, co-workers, or neighbors that have to use the services of the moving company, ask them about their experience. Request more information about the name of the company they used and what their overall impression of it. 

Personal recommendation from people you can trust worth the most.

Read the reviews of the moving companies

Every reliable moving company has its own website, but the comments on them maybe are not so genuine. So use the websites that are focusing on the assessing the moving companies. You can also check the comments on the social networks about the selected company. It will give you a clearer picture about the reputation that the company has. Personal testimonials and movers’ performance ratings are something that you should pay attention to.
Good companies are understanding the power of the internet so they are trying to offer the high-quality services so they will keep being presentable.

Request in-home price estimates

Price calculation is crucial when you are choosing the cheap moving company that you can trust. Ask several moving companies to do an in-home survey. Compare price calculation and offers and find one that best suits your budget.

You should avoid trusting price estimates that you are receiving by phone or email. The cost of the actual move can be much higher than estimated.

Also, when the company representatives come to your house and see it for himself, he can notice potential difficult situations or dangers that can increase price or make a moving day much more difficult.

Check the legal status of the movers

Once you find the cheap moving company that you can trust and whose offer suits your budget, check them out. That is not necessary, but it will help you be surer that you’ve made a right decision.

Do your homework to save yourself from potential trouble. That means to research the selected company and make sure that it is 100% licensed, insured, and reputable.

Interstate movers must be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to operate legally within the country.  On the website of the movers that you have chosen, there has to be USDOT numbers (for interstate movers) or MC numbers (for intrastate movers).

You can also visit the web page of the American Storage and Moving Association and check if the moving company that you have chosen is their member. If it is (usually marked as ProMovers), then you can rest assured that your household things will be in good hands.

Try to negotiate

The moving costs are depending on many variables. The moving services itself, would you use the packing and unpacking services or just the shipment, total weight of the shipment.

Try to negotiate with the selected company.  Some companies are giving a reduced price for a first-time customer, a student, a returning customer, early booking, for the personal recommendation. 
Ask them if you are eligible for some kind of discount.
If the price of moving is a little bit over your budget, you can appeal to the company that you just don’t have more money to spend but you will be really happy to use their services. There is a chance that they will reduce its price. 
No harm in trying – every penny counts when you are relocating.

Is it hiring the moving company really necessary?

Moving is a big decision. It is also a big change, full of excitement. You will start your new life at the new place, and that’s a totally new chapter of your life.

But it is also a very stressful and nerve wrecking. It requires many organizing, planning and it’s time-consuming. Especially if you are doing it yourself.

Hiring the professional movers is the best thing that you can do to reduce the stress of the moving. Let them do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your relocation.

You can also benefit from tips and hints for a safe and problem-free relocation that you can find online. You can do everything yourself, but you have to ask yourself “Is it worth it?”.

The money that you will spend on the reliable, yet also a cheap moving company that you can trust is a money best spent. It may cost you, but it will save you so much time and energy, that you can use enjoying your new home.

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