How to Choose the Best Electric Garage Doors

How to Choose the Best Electric Garage Doors

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All designs and styles are available in garage doors, and undoubtedly electric garage doors are quite a good option. They are easily available and not as costly as may be expected. However, the question of which manufacturer and which kind of opener should be chosen remains. The following information should shed some light on this.


Firstly, an electric garage door mechanism is not a proper fix for a weighty, ill-fitted or aged door. The door should be properly maintained or replaced if it’s in a dire condition.

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Safety in Electric Operators

An electric garage door operator must be safe. A garage door is extremely heavy, and the mechanism must be able to stop the door at once if anything stops it during opening or closing. Safety regulations stipulate this characteristic of an electric operator as indispensable. A surge-protecting device can also be used to block any voltage problem while the door is opening or closing.

Additionally, the system should have a self-learning program for additional security, or at the very least be equipped with a ‘break beam’ facility or something similar.

The best advice is to decide on an operator that has a modern self-teaching stop system that can train itself and thus know about your door features, thus stopping the mechanism at once if some barrier, such as a car or a child, is sensed.

Soft start & soft stop

This facility softens pressure on the door panel and the apparatus that opens and closes the door. It does so by quickening the motor while in the act of opening, closing and reducing it in the initial parts of opening and the last parts of closing. This results in the garage door being more long lasting and less noisy. It also serves to prevent disturbance to houses nearby or those people living near the garage itself.


Technology is developing day by day, so it is importance to get the absolute best in security, to avoid criminals who may have cracked earlier codes. Electric garage doors with anti-scan codes would make your garage much safer than normal access control. This is because it prevents anyone from copying your personal code.

Motor power

While choosing an electric garage door, it is usual to choose an operator that can lift more than the weight of your garage door. The door must also be properly set and fitted before the operator does its work. Get as much information on the door weight as possible to ascertain how much force the operating system needs to have.

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Other factors that need to be accounted are summarized below:

– Emergency Release: a shortcode that allows the door to be operated manually
– Access Controls: Other than the operator itself
– Power consumption: A quieter operator would use slightly more power
– Guarantee: The higher the price, the longer the guarantee, so make sure of your preferences
– Availability of spare parts

Understanding your options for both your garage door and garage door opener will save you time and money. You can’t completely eliminate repairs but you can minimize them. Learn more about some common garage door problems and how to deal with them.


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