How to Avoid a Rogue Tradesman

How to Avoid a Rogue Tradesman

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There are rogue tradesmen who will take advantage of homeowners who are desperate to fix a pipe burst or a broken-down boiler. Some will disappear when they are halfway into the project while others will increase the charges and since there is nothing you can do, you end up paying. This does not have to happen since there are trustworthy tradesmen and you can tell this before hiring them. TrustATraderensures that you do not. Their online directory and reviewed, rated and trusted tradespeople mean you know you are using someone you can rely on.

You probably have no idea which trader to use, and instead of picking one randomly and blindly, you can take advantage of online references such as TrustATrader. You will have plenty of options, and the advantage of using this is that you get qualified and certified tradesmen.

Avoid Overcharging Companies

Some companies with give you a quotation and then give extra charges. In fact, this is the reason you should get a detailed quotation that involves everything. If a company charges over 20 percent mark-up on the materials being used, the time spent on the road, congestion fees, fees for parking or even callout charges, you should avoid them.

Ensure That You Get Guarantee

When a tradesman gives you a guarantee, they are sure they offer world-class services. The traders that you get on TrustATraderonly offer high quality services they and that is the reason they guarantee you

Use a Recommendation-Based Directory

Since getting a reliable trader in your local area, you can use an online recommendation-based directory such as TrustATrader. There are various advantages of doing this since you can see previous works of a trader from the images posted and you can also access various reviews. Here you will get traders that are experienced and are licensed by the particular trade association.

Do Not Pay Upfront in Full

Sometimes, paying upfront in full could lead to challenges in having an issue fixed. This is a great way to avoid a rogue tradesman. You should not pay in full up front to a trader who is yet to evaluate the problem.

A Tradesman Should Have the Right Identification

Every trader that is licensed should be easily identified. This means that they should not come to your place with just their names. That is the reason you should use a reliable source such as TrustATraderto get a trader with proper identification. They should be well dressed.

Private Tradesmen in Companies

Some employees will see an opportunity to make money from you when you contact their company. How sure are you they are qualified to be traders? Despite them giving you a lower price than what you are getting from the company, do not use them. This can lead to a VAT fraud which means you could have problems with the authorities and the lower prices they offer could be more expensive in future.Using a licensed trader can save you money and time. When you get one from

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