How Social Media Is Contributing To the Rubbish Clearance

How Social Media Is Contributing To the Rubbish Clearance

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Facebook ads can geo target Facebook users with a high degree of accuracy and get really specific when they do so. In some cases, the resolution of this geo targeting is finer than zip code and can actually target people by neighbourhood or zone. This has led to a proliferation of rubbish clearance ads that usually read something like, “Cheaper than a skip!” There are similar posts on Twitter and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, when some companies offer £50 per van load or less, they may be offering these rubbish clearance services at dirt cheap prices because they fly tip illegally!

What Can We Do About this Illegal Rubbish Clearance Practice?

First, as consumers, we all need to “wise up!” If the price for a rubbish clearance man and van service sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Everyone likes a bargain but at what expense to the environment and community is a fly tipped load of rubbish clearance from someone’s home or office? Is it really worth the savings? No!

Furthermore, if authorities can find anything identifying you as the original owner of the fly tipped rubbish clearance, you could be subject to stiff penalties, even if you paid someone to clear that rubbish and they are the ones who fly tipped it without your knowledge or consent. This is due to new laws that say you are responsible for verifying you are doing business with a legitimate rubbish clearance company. Always always always ask for a waste removal transfer receipt. Before that, ask the the company you hire where they’ll be taking your rubbish clearance. If any part of their response sounds fishy, steer clear of that service!

You can also always deal with rubbish clearance companies that have already established a stellar reputation for strictly following the law, and even going beyond what the law requires. The best example of this in the UK is a company that goes by the name of “Clearabee,” a cute play on words! In fact, Clearabee has a cute little bee in their logo that really drives home the message of the worker bee clearing away your rubbish! Clearabee offers their customers an electronic copy of their waste transfer ticket too, even if they don’t specifically ask for one. Yes, they are THAT ethical!

Clearabee also goes well beyond the regular call of duty to follow the law in doing what’s ethical! Clearabee has set up every aspect of their business around the goal of diverting as much rubbish clearance from landfills as possible. Therefore, choosing to do business with this dependable and reputable company will not only help save you from the hassle of potentially getting a hefty fine when you you hire some unknown, you will also help to reduce our air and water pollution. An illegitimate rubbish clearance service hired off a “too good to be true” ad on Facebook is begging for a problem.

How Can We Use Social Media To Fight This Corruption?

When many people get scammed, they’re too ashamed to admit it. So, they don’t warn others about the scamster’s illegal rubbish clearance services they encountered. We have to change that! It’s important to warn other consumers if you find out an entity is advertising on Facebook for rubbish clearance services but they are actually fly tipping that rubbish! In fact, it is your civic duty to post this information far and wide when this happens and also contact the authorities if you simply suspect, but cannot prove, there is an illegal scheme being perpetuated through social media.

Here’s another way you can use social media to thwart the problem of illegal rubbish clearance. Always keep your camera handy when traveling along a road or when taking a walk in a public area. If you note anyone who looks suspicious, like they may be about to litter, or fly tip, take the time to pull over and attempt to get a picture of the illegal activity, from a safe distance away of course. These pictures can then be posted on social media and you can ask people to help identify the perpetrator if possible. The more that citizens step up and do their civic duty in this regard, the less fly tipping and other illegal rubbish clearance we will have.

Of course, you can also email the local authorities with your fly tipping evidence or direct them to your social media pages where you have posted the pertinent information. Social media is sort of a new form of neighbourhood watch. In fact, some citizens in some neighbourhoods have joined forces and established Facebook groups dedicated to watching and reporting any irregularities in the neighbourhood. As you might imagine, suspicions can sometimes be wrong and get out of control so try not to contribute to that. However, it’s also true that more often than not, rubbish clearance problems can be solved by involving multiple people from the neighbourhood.

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