How do exhaust fans help in ventilation system?

How do exhaust fans help in ventilation system?

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Fans come in their various types and each type of fan has a specific use that cannot be efficiently done using any other fans. Like ceiling fans are used to circulate air in whole room, pedestal fans are powerful fans and are used in offices and also at gatherings, exhaust fans are used to help in ventilation and also to control temperature.

In terms of controlling temperature, the exhaust fans are used a little lower than their usual position and they are used at windows to suck in air from regions which are cooler like park, garden etc. and another set of exhaust fans are used to push out air from windows on the opposite wall. Thus this controls the temperature in the room without any use of cooler or air conditioner.

 This is relatively a less used and new use of the exhaust fans. The original use of the exhaust fans is in ventilation and the above mentioned process can also be somewhat included in a way of ventilation, a much developed and edited way none the less.

Basic information about exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are fixed on the wall at a height very near to the ceiling usually bolted facing a ventilator. The exhaust fan has a basic build-up of a fan, it has a motor and blades attached to the rotating shaft which makes the blade rotate as well. When the blade rotates the air behind it is pulled or being absorbed by the blades of the exhaust fan and thrown outside through the ventilator. Keep your room properly ventilated with a good quality exhaust fan.

 Use of exhaust fans in the ventilation systems

There are various places in our homes which generate a local concentration of moisture, odour, particulate matter etc. These materials when they mix with the air inside the hose the air gets polluted and is not of the standard of breathing and or leads to immense humidity. Moisture especially may lead to problems such as formation of moulds on the walls where there is high concentration. This air need to be upgraded in its standard or filtered. This process is very easily done with the help of exhaust fans.

The places where this problem arises are bathrooms, kitchens etc. the exhaust fans are fitted just below the ceiling facing the ventilators and the one used in kitchens especially are the ones having powerful motors. When the blades start rotating, the steam or water vapour generated by cooking or the dryer of clothes (which is usually warm or hot and rises up with hot air) is sucked by the powerful suction force created due to the blades of the exhaust fan and is thrown out. Fresh air enters from the adjoining vent or window or a door to fill the gap of the air created by the one thrown out. This way the exhaust fan improves the quality of air through ventilation.

Other than this in the very same way, the fans also help us in lowering the room temperature. In the same manner, the hot air is thrown out of the room through the ventilator and to fill the space vacated by it cool air near to the surface of the earth gushes in and mixes with the existing air. The remaining hot air rises up and the process keeps on repeating and t

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