How are Laminate Floors and Wood ones Different?

How are Laminate Floors and Wood ones Different?

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There are on the market today, two very popular choices which folks are making as a new flooring solution in their homes, and they are laminate and wood.

  • They are both popular in their looks and also in terms of their strength and durability.

But, their major differences are mostly in their composition.

For instance, laminate flooring is easier to have fitted than hardwood flooring, but still some people do prefer the look of finished wood.

Both kinds of flooring, if chosen with regards to a rooms’ environment, can easily spruce up the good looks of any home or office, and indeed, both laminate and wood are equal in this respect.

  • Hardwood is occasionally seen as a better choice, due to its looks and it is a natural substance.
  • However, there are various other qualities that can make laminate flooring from flooring stores in Sydney, a much better option.
  • Laminate, for instance, can be installed directly onto nearly any kind of floor surface.
  • Laminate flooring is in panels and sheeting that is thinner than wood, which can in some instances be beneficial.

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Price, Build and Design

  • Nearly everyone is aware that good quality laminate flooring is much cheaper than its wood counterpart, and just this by itself can make it ideal as a flooring solution for many people out there looking for new flooring.
  • Laminate flooring is made up of several layers of cellulose paper which have been combined with plastic resins.
  • This makes it exceptionally strong and is why laminate flooring has that praiseworthy scratch resistance quality that it is renowned for.

Design Styles

  • The designs are usually made up from photos of real hardwood which fully replicate the natural blends in colours and textures that are in natural wood.
  • Under the design layeris the core layer, which provides the sturdy backbone of this kind of flooring.
  • This is manufactured from thick particle board, with a balancing layer applied on the other side, and made from the same resin and paper as the upper layer.

More Distinctions

You may have heard some place that layered hardwood flooring is what is known as “engineered,” which means that it has a hardwood exterior, whilst the rest of it is made from other substances.

All the other types are completely made from solid wood.

  • Regarding hardwood floors, they have to be periodically sanded down and varnished, especially in those spaces where there is high-traffic going on and where there are any dents and other blemishes.
  • Laminate floors do not have these types of problems, and will also not look old with wear.
  • There are a number of hardwood floors which do get darker over time if they are exposed to any bright light.
  • Laminate and wood floors will in both provide any type of home or office with aesthetic enhancement, which will also hugely improve their home market value.

Whatever kind you choose, your home will be looking much better with it!

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