How a Drainage Survey Could Benefit You

How a Drainage Survey Could Benefit You

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Blocked drains are a common occurrence across the UK. It isn’t always easy to find the root cause of these blockages which is why a drainage survey is often required – helping you to identify the exact cause of a blockage and remove it. In addition, buying and selling property is a great time to carry out a drainage survey to provide peace of mind to those involved with the transaction.

Here we’ll provide you with the common reasons for carrying out a drainage survey and detail how they could benefit you.

Blocked Drains

It is common for drains to become blocked over time, even when installed correctly. The large diameter drainage runs underneath your house are laid to a fall to prevent waste from backing up but despite this, blockages can still occur. Unlike the blocked pipework underneath your sink, these blockages are much more difficult to clear.

For this reason, a drainage survey is a great way to locate the blockage and decide on the best way to remove it. If you’re experiencing blocked drains and you live in Kent, simply perform a web search with the query, drain unblockers near me in Sittingbourne for example to find a suitable company. A drainage survey can be carried out within a day and can evaluate the health of your entire drainage system.

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Damaged Drains

Unfortunately, these drainage systems can become damaged over time due to cracking from the impact of tree roots within the vicinity. Clay pipes are especially at risk as they aren’t as flexible as the more modern PVC type.

If you’re experiencing an increase in the amount of groundwater to the area immediately surrounding your property, it may be due to a leak caused by a damaged pipe. A drainage survey will identify if this is the cause of the problem and will allow a course of action to be suggested.

Buying a New Property

Due to the high-risk nature of unseen drainage problems, conducting a drainage survey can provide reassurance for those buying property as they get to see first-hand that the property they’re interested in has a drainage system in good health.

How is a Drainage Survey Carried Out?

Drainage surveys usually involve CCTV where one operator guides a camera through the drainage network and other watches a monitor to view each drainage run in real time. The procedure consists of:

  • Lifting external manhole covers to facilitate a visual inspection. These covers are easily accessible to anyone with the right tools which your drainage company will have with them.

  • A fibre optic CCTV camera is inserted into the drainage network at a suitable location. This camera is monitored and will identify exactly where the blockage is as well as the cause.

  • If a blockage is identified, it can be cleared immediately via a process called jetting and rodding.

  • If damaged pipework is identified, the location will be noted for repair or replacement where necessary.

  • A set of drawings can be produced from the drainage survey which will provide a map of the entire drainage system of the property.

The process of conducting a drainage survey is simple and the benefits are numerous. Simply contact your nearest drainage specialist for advice.

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