Hiring A Certified Electrician

Hiring A Certified Electrician

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Perhaps you might have experienced a faulty switch or light before, having problems such as intermittent power that could cause damages to your appliances, or even wish to install new lighting fixtures. In this scenario, you would most probably engage an electrician either through recommendations from a friend or even from advertisement listings.

Why should you engage an electrician?

While some works like light installations are relatively easy and it can be done by yourself, leave the complicated ones to the electrician themselves. Without the proper knowledge and tools, you could end up hurting yourself and in certain cases, cause damage to a property. A local electrician in London will be able to assist you in your electrical works, reducing the need for you to put yourself in a potentially risky situation.

Variety of services

A well-qualified electrician would normally be able to offer a variety of services such as repairing and installation of fuse boards, electrical maintenance, testing and inspection for both residential and commercial properties, laying of wiring for sound systems and security systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) and intruder alarms.

Domestic or commercial?

Before engaging an electrician, take note of the kind of electrical works that you are undertaking. In residential apartments (domestic), the scope of works tends to be rather limited and it would be relatively easier to undertake and they could include works like changing of light fixtures, rewiring, laying of wiring, addition of sockets, etc. For commercial entities, the scope of work tends to be larger and more knowledge is required. It could range from fuse board installations, emergency lighting, to even mains earthing and cross bonding. The cost of hiring a commercial electrician tends to be higher too.


Ensuring that the electrician or company you have shortlisted has an insurance coverage for covering any damages pertaining to improper installation. This could be important in commercial properties, as any damages that could lead to an electrical downtime could cause you monetary losses. In the event of engaging in electrical works and damaging any properties, the insurance helps to ensure that the relevant parties are covered and compensated fairly for any damages.

Engaging a certified electrician

Finding and hiring a certified electrician can never be emphasised enough. A qualified electrician will be able to undertake the laying of wiring and installation of light fixtures properly, pinpoint the root of the problem and diagnose any electrical faults, and even advise you on the lightings aspect. While the cost may be slightly higher, this is due to the training that they have to undertake, so rest assured that your electrical works are in good hands of a certified electrician.

Finding a reputable and reliable electrician is a paramount concern, as the connection and laying of wires (especially concealed wiring) must be done appropriately, otherwise faults could occur which could lead to a rework of the wiring which could cause monetary losses and pose an inconvenience to the homeowners. A certified electrician may cost a little more, but it is guaranteed that they possess the right knowledge in the field which they can showcase in their work.

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