Heed the Warning Signs – New Windows Are Needed

Heed the Warning Signs – New Windows Are Needed

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Your windows are an essential part of your home; they protect you from unwanted visitors; whether human or otherwise.  They also protect you from the elements, wind and rain entering your home will be seriously upsetting!  In fact the latest windows on the market are excellent at assisting in maintaining a constant temperature in your home; they trap air between their panes of glass effectively insulating the house against rises or reductions in temperature.

There are many occasions when you will know it is time to order new windows.  When you do realize that this has become an essential maintenance task, which can no longer be put off, you will find it beneficial to look at Home tech Windows and Doors.  They have an excellent range and superb customer service!

Difficulty Shutting

Age takes its toll on everything; even PVC windows will sag over time as their hinges start to give up.  One of the earliest warning signs that you need to consider new windows is when you have difficulty opening or closing your windows.  Whilst it may be possible to repair or adjust them for a while, the reality is that they are on their way out!

Maintenance is Difficult

A careful homeowner will look after their windows.  However, if you attempt to replace any part of your window and find it difficult to locate the right part; then new windows need to be on the agenda.  Quite simply the parts have become obsolete due to the age of the window and the next time it breaks you may be left unable to fix it!


The older your window becomes the more difficult it is to keep it properly cleaned; this is simply an accumulation of trace elements and a sign that new windows are in order.


An obvious sign that new windows are needed is when you can feel the draft coming in your existing window.  Although it is possible to seal the edges, drafts will reappear and they are generally a sign that the window has shrunk or deteriorated to a stage where it will soon not be fixable.

Drafts can also be a result of damage to a window.  Unfortunately, damage is often a precursor to the end of a window’s useful life.  It is worth preparing for a change!


New windows are exceptionally well insulated and allow very little noise in from the outside.  If you start to notice a difference in the level of noise entering your home then your windows are starting to decay!  New windows also offer the benefit of lower energy bills as they are more effective at keeping the heat in your home.

UV Light

The older your windows are the more UV light they will let in.  This means that your carpet and other furnishings in line with the window will start to fade.  This indicates your windows have been in place for a substantial amount of time.  Before you consider redecorating your home you may wish to think about the benefits of having new windows; which do not encourage fading.

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