Hardscape: Add features to your landscape designs

Hardscape: Add features to your landscape designs

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Hardscape refers to the hard landscape materials which are man-made and used to add features in landscape architecture, for example: path or walls (according to the vegetation). It gives some balance to the landscape and also creates the general layout of the landscape.

Before adding any feature to your landscape it is important that do deep research about what kind of landscape you have and all its features like design, texture, color etc.

Tips for perfect Hardscaping

When you use some hard materials like brick walls, stones, concrete patios, gravels in either your back yard or front it is hardscaping while softscaping is when you add some natural elements like plants, flowers, trees or herbs to your landscape. Here are some tips which help you to decide which hardscape landscape design suits your landscape perfectly.

  1. Make some idea about the theme of the hardscape which suits the exterior or interior of your house.
  2. You cannot do all the things at one time, so plan a step by step criterion to finish your work of landscape designing.
  3. Deal smartly with the drainage as when you use hardscape materials like stone it will lead to storage of water in the voids or spaces.
  4. Consult with professionals as they can guide you in perfect manner and suggest you the best out of the idea they get according to the layout of your landscape.
  5. Try to have some arcs or curves in the path of your exterior as the linear paths look unnatural.
  6. You can also use flowers, shrubs or bonsai trees in the corners of the path as you save some greenery and it looks beautiful as well.
  7. If you prefer to conserve water and eliminate the use of chemicals then you can use gravels and stone.

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