Give the Gift of Cleaning to a New Mom

Give the Gift of Cleaning to a New Mom

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Giving birth to a child can be exhausting and wonderful. If you have a friend who has just given birth, you might want to think about how you can help out. Many people come over to hold the baby, offer the new mom meals and look for ways to make life easier for her and her new family. One of the best ways to do so is with a cleaning service. Babies can be quite messy. A baby can go through a lot of clothing in a few days just from being fed and changed. Mothers may find themselves doing lots of laundry in between trying to get some sleep and recover from a major medically life changing event. A cleaning service can help alleviate this problem and reduce the new mom’s stress levels.

Consider Her Needs

A new mom can have lots of needs. Some new moms plan to return to work within a few weeks after the baby is born. Some new moms plan to spend time tending to this baby and have another one quickly. The same is true of their tolerance for mess. Some moms are fine with a house that isn’t too messy while others feel the need to have a house that is clean as possible. You want to think about what you know about your friend. You might know her well or she might be just a neighbor. In that case, it can be helpful to speak to a spouse or close relatives about her plans and her tolerance of mess before you begin.

Finding a Service

Once you’ve decided on the kind of service, it’s important to look for one. Those at make this process much easier. You can take the time to log on to their company and find local cleaners in area with their help. You might want to help fund a one-time service for your friend to help her clean up in the aftermath of immediate childbearing. You and her other friends can also team up to help hire a cleaning service that can come to her house once a week for several weeks. This can help her catch her breath and bond with her tiny new baby.

Letting Her Know

You’ll want to let your friend know that you’ve given her this gift. Many cleaning services will let you pick out a card for the service, announcing it to the recipient and letting them know when the service will be at their home. A new mom may open up a card and read it with delight. She can then feel great when the service shows up at her home. Even a small apartment will benefit from a complete cleaning. Your friend will appreciate your care and your understanding of her needs. You’re giving her something truly special. This is a gift of wonderful caring that lets her focus on the joy of being a new mom in her own home.

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