Getting Rid of Mold

Getting Rid of Mold

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Mold is everywhere and it is hard to escape from it. If you are a homeowner you usually have it in many places like behind theshower curtain or your washing machine, mold is relentless and hard to fight but with a bit of our help, you can do it.

First you must know your enemy, there are several kinds of it but the most usual of them all is black mold. This mold has spores fueling it all around your home, they are in your deck and in every room of your home and getting rid of them is almost impossible unless you plan to turn your home into an operating room.

While it is nearly impossible to eliminate, you can stop its growth and this is done in a similar fashion as controlling fires. Fire needs fuel, heat and oxygen while mold needs spores, food and water. Since you can’t control the first one and the second one is very hard, your best option is to control water and the most sensitive place in your home is the bathroom.

Clean the bathroom and eliminate the existing mold, wash out all spores and get rid the invisible mold by not cleaning just the shower but also all the surfaces in the room. Oxygen bleach will do the trick for this but you can use chlorine bleach as well if you don’t have access to it. Remember mold can also grow in the tile grouts and this may need extra cleaning. A good way to do this is to damp paper towels in bleach and let them sit in the grouts for hours and do this several times. This is a slow job but you’ll see improvement every time you do it.

Now that you have no mold or almost no mold in your bathroom, install a good shower curtain that keeps the less water as possible after you shower and, every time you finish showering you shake it off to get rid of water and, if possible, use an old towel to dry it. Then, when you leave the bathroom, leave the window, blinds and door open to let it dry as fast as possible or consider using a fan for the job. You can use the fan while you are grooming yourself.

Clean your fridge every three months or six as much, no excuses. Fridges are a favorite place for mold too. There are no other ways to do this, sorry. Same goes with your washing machine; it is also a nice home for mold. Mold loves soap for your clothes and eats dirt as fuel. Cleaning the insides of your washing machine can prove difficult and annoying so, the best course of action here is to control water by leaving the door of your washing machine open after each use. This will control the water and reduce the amount of mold. If this is not enough for you and you want more, clean the inside of your washing machine.

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