Five Practical Ways To Reduce The Running Costs of Your AC

Five Practical Ways To Reduce The Running Costs of Your AC

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Running an AC is not cheap; it can cost more than $ 120 in monthly power bills especially in the hotter regions. So do you have to break into a bank if you must keep your AC running? Luckily, you don’t. The following are five practical ways to cut down on your air conditioner operating costs.

1. Replace an inefficient AC

Efficiency is one of the greatest determinants of your AC running costs. If you are trapped with a fifteen-year-old system, you are most likely paying more than you should. Experts recommend having your AC replaced if it is more than ten years old. This is because newer models are more energy efficient and cheaper to run. According to Energy Star, replacing an old HAVC equipment with a more energy efficient one can cut your annual power bill by at least $115 As a matter of fact, if you double the EER rating, you could cut your energy costs by a half.

2. Get it checked regularly

Your AC accumulates dust and dirt which accumulates around the air filters and the condensing coils. If you take no action, this could lead to an annual loss of about 5 % of its operating efficiency. According to Angie’s List,a yearly maintenance check by a professional can cut your monthly bill by 15%. If your AC is older than ten years, have it inspected more often to prevent breakdowns. In Mansfield an HVAC company should be able to provide AC service and repair.

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3. Plant trees and shrubs

You wouldn’t believe how much good trees and shrubs can do to your power bills. According to the US Department of Energy, trees can reduce the temperature of the air around them by 6 degrees. This means that having trees around your home could keep your home cooler in the hot weather. Your air conditioner also stands to gain; if it enjoys tree shade, its efficiency could increase by up to 10% according to industry experts.

4. Set your AC speed according to the humidity

The US Department of Energy says that the fan speed of your AC should be determined by the air condition. In normal hot conditions, set your speed high so as to benefit from the cooling. However, when the air is humid, set a slow speed. What you need most at this time is to dehumidify the air as high humidity will cause discomfort. The AC removes moisture from the air faster and more efficiently when it is running at a low speed.

5. Raise the temperature when away

There’s no point of keeping the house cool when nobody is home. Even though you will have to bear a bit of warm air when you are back, it will be cheaper to cool than to run the AC throughout the day. The US Department of Energy notes that you can save up to 10% of your air conditioning by adjusting your thermostat when away or asleep. Set your temperature lower when you are active in the house and have it higher when you sleep. A programmable thermostat is a good idea because it can make it easier for you to regulate temperatures in your home. You can set a weekly program that will run without requiring your input.


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