Fed Up with Winter Slips? Gravel Your Outdoor Space, It Helps

Fed Up with Winter Slips? Gravel Your Outdoor Space, It Helps

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Winter is looming. Summer fades in to memories as we light the fire and toast marshmallows.

People tend to get a look of foreboding when they have to leave their home or workplace and enter the adventurous outdoors when there’s snow, ice and frost to contend with.

Who doesn’t enjoy freewheeling on icy slopes first thing in the morning?

Yes, this is the season in which bones get broken as the simplest of tasks are attempted and when good old Mother Nature teaches us to love a challenge.

Ask any landscaping materials expert, for example Rivar Sand and Gravel, and they’ll advise you that installing a material which aids winter safety levels is an excellent idea.

Paving, concrete, grass and asphalt are smooth so in bad weather they can become treacherous.

So, what’s the alternative? Stone and gravel, because it isn’t in sheet form, fixed and apt to make skating from the door a cheerless probability.

It will help safe movement. Gravel will, of course, have snow, ice and frost fall on it but it still retains its 10mm or 20mm singular unit form which makes it easier to walk and drive on.

It’s not an accident that globally there are more gravel roads than concrete or tarmac ones. For example, Russia, undoubtedly one of the snowiest, coldest and inhospitable places in winter, has over 400000 kilometres of gravel roads.

Wherever you wish to place your stone and gravel please remember that expert advice is always available.

One of the primary notes is that the 10mm gravel is likely to compact more than the 20mm equivalent as pea gravel (10mm) will form a smoother surface than 20mm.

Your colour palate isn’t limited so you’ll be able to choose a stone and gravel product that compliments its surroundings and pleases you.

Thames Valley Flint as Moonstone Gravel is black, white, brown and beige mixed together. It is available in 10mm and 20mm and installable quickly.

Moonstone Gravel is wonderfully durable and it may prove a delightful traction enhancer on driveways. The 10mm contains less brown and will offer a smoother finish.

Cotswold Chippings make for stylish and natural driveways and paths. If you want to use it for your driveway then occasional top ups may be needed because it is slightly crumbly.

10mm and 20-5mm buff coloured South Cerney Gravel isn’t prone to crumbling and it lasts

for several years. Cost effective and attractive, it won’t disappoint

Flamingo Gravel is blue-green, pink and white angular 20mm gravel. It contains quartz so it will sparkle in sunlight.

20mm Green Basalt Gravel is dark green, chunky, angular and it is able to bear a lot of traffic, pedestrian and motor.

Cheshire Pink Gravel is 20mm and is pink, purple and grey. It has excellent kerb appeal.

Talk to a stone and gravel expert like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Windlesham, Tadley and Newbury for advice about the best products, visual appeal and winter combat.

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