Fantastic Finishes: Choosing The Right Option for Countertops

Fantastic Finishes: Choosing The Right Option for Countertops

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Homeowners have known for years that countertops can be a great way to make a kitchen, bathroom or other room stand out whether the material is granite, quartz, marble or something else, but designers should also learn about the importance of choosing the right finish.

Most people are familiar with a polished finish, which as the name suggests, gives countertops a smooth and shiny finish – popular in many homes. But before deciding on this type of finish, consider at least three other options – a honed finish that gives countertops a softer matte look that can be more natural than polished, a leather finish that looks more like a textured material, and a polished finish, which is a timeless look.

Leather Finish

The leather finish does not reflect much and is preferred by designers that want to give their countertops a more natural look. For example, use a black granite countertop with some flecks in a leather finish for a mature appearance that will hide stains, scratches and other marks.

Instead, use a granite countertop in black with specks of gray, green, and gold in order to create a dramatic focal point for the kitchen when completed with a sleek leather finish. Leather finished countertops also pair well with dark wood cabinets and stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Honed Finish

As an alternative to leather finishes, honed finishes are also increasing in demand for home design projects. One way to show off this finish is with white marble countertops with streaks of cream and gold, with the honed finish helping with the overall classy and elegant look. The one important maintenance point to remember is that honed finish countertops can require more frequent sealing and re-sealing than polished finishes, but it’s a minor cost for such a great visual.

Polished Finish

Of course, there’s a reason that the polished finish remains so popular – it looks great. For example, white marble with streaks of black and gray can make for a great countertop that also works well for “waterfall” features that continue the design down the sides of units. Using this kind of design will reflect a lot of natural light, making the heavily used kitchen an inviting place.

Another approach is to use an off-white marble countertop with larger, more prominent, streaks of browns and other colors. The reflective nature of the polished finish will enhance this powerful look and help to make the countertop the perfect focal point in the kitchen. This type of finish is best used when the homeowner wants to show off the patterns of the countertop as they will look more vivid to the eye than using a polished finish than using a honed finish or a leather finish for the countertops.

As the various examples above show, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to what type of finish to use for countertops, they’re all fantastic and will depend on the type of design project. Homeowners can use the options detailed here to help as they craft their dream kitchen.

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