Family Traditions 101: A few Ways to Start an Exciting Family Tradition

Family Traditions 101: A few Ways to Start an Exciting Family Tradition

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Television programs and even news segments explore the issues of family togetherness. It seems that more and more families are seeing how important family traditions are. The following are a few ideas that might help establish a family tradition of your own.

Stick to the Classics

One of the easiest things you can do is stick to classics like making sure you open up your Christmas presents in the morning, or cook an entire meal together during thanksgiving. There are also other holidays that tend to be popular with families like the 4th of July or Super Bowl Sunday where people BBQ and have fun. These are just a few traditions families do, which have proven to be fun and help a create family bond.

The Long Haul

Some families plan a family trip every year or every few years. This trip could be to a planned location. Some families make sure that their trips are also e-cations, which are trips that help kids learn more about the country or something else of importance, such as science. Of course, there is always a family that is a little more wild and spontaneous. Those of you who want to try a vacation that is a little less expensive but also exciting might want to try this. All you have to do is drive and stop at a random place; maybe you can ask your kids to vote on taking a left or right turn.

Build Together

Another tradition that might help bring your family together starts with you building something together. Surely, you have seen that scene in a movie where a family gets together to build a tree house, which is nice, but everyone does not have a tree. You do not have to do something dangerous; all you have to do is think outside the box. If you can buy land that is away from the city, this should be affordable. Your family can build a cabin with the help of a step-by-step log cabin guide. You will feel great knowing that your entire family built a home together, and it gives everyone a break from the city life. Every year you can make additions as a family, which could keep things interesting.

Spontaneous Tradition

Those who are stuck and do not know what to do could just do something different each year. You could have a soccer tournament one year and try to video tape an entire musical number as a family the next year. You can have everyone in your family share a few ideas. Have each person write their ideas on a piece of paper, and drop them into a bowl. Then, choose an idea randomly. It is a good way to expand your skills and expose everyone’s interests, which is always a good thing.

Hopefully, these ideas help make your family traditions or holidays a little more meaningful. These traditions could be passed down from generation to generation.

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