Factors to Consider with Different Types of Sandblasting Nozzles

Factors to Consider with Different Types of Sandblasting Nozzles

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When people are looking for a career field to go into, they are often looking for job security. This is one of the factors that has made sandblasting a popular career choice. Sandblasting helps to drive the manufacturing industry in the country because sandblasting is an essential part of cleaning and preparing a wide variety of surfaces for construction. Sandblasting plays a role in the building of structures, ships, cars, and all different types of infrastructure that constitutes the backbone of this country’s economy. People who have experience sandblasting understand that selecting the proper type of nozzle is important for ensuring the job is performed correctly. What are some of the factors that people should consider when looking at sandblasting nozzles?

How Easy is the Nozzle to Switch On and Off?

This is a question that everyone should ask because there are several ways that people can switch the nozzle on and off. If the blast is not at full power, this might not be as big a deal; however, there are times when people will need to have two hands on the nozzle. This could mean that the user may prefer a foot pedal so that they don’t have to take their hands off the nozzle and create a safety hazard. On the other hand, the foot pedal could get moved around without the user noticing. Then, the pedal isn’t where the user expects it to be. Therefore, some people might prefer a hand trigger instead. These are only a couple of the switches that people need to consider when looking at different sandblasting nozzles.

How Wide Does the Nozzle Spread?

Another important consideration that people should keep in mind is the spread of the sand coming out of the nozzle. Those who have experience sandblasting know that different projects require different levels of precision. Some projects require a wide spread to get the job done efficiently while other projects require attention to detail and a narrow spread. When people are deciding which nozzle to go with, it is important that they consider this spread. Some nozzles may even be adjustable depending on the needs of the project. This will play a major role in determining the quality of the outcome of the project. 

What Velocity can the Nozzle Handle?

Finally, one of the important considerations with every sandblasting project is the force that the nozzle delivers the sand with. Depending on the project, the nozzle might be asked to handle a high velocity to adequately prepare the materials for the final project. Some nozzles are more durable than others and some nozzles can handle this velocity while others can’t. Take a look at the information on the nozzle before using it for a project. It needs to be able to handle the demands of the job or it might break.

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