Factors Affecting Power Consumption of Air Cooler

Factors Affecting Power Consumption of Air Cooler

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Summer time is right here and the biggest worry in a person’s mind is the electricity bills that they are going to get during that time. Installing an air conditioner means huge electricity bills. Seeing more than three zero digits can be a big pinch to your pocket. The good news is that you can save money by purchasing an air cooler. The air cooler is less expensive and the maintenance cost is low. Also, the power consumption of air cooler is lesser as compared to the fancy air conditioner. You will never see a four zero digit bill in your life in case you have an air cooler. Today, we are going to cover the factors that affect the power consumption of air cooler.

Air Cooler – The Smarter Choice for summers

The most common 1 ton air conditioner consumes 0.8 units of power in an hour. Whereas the humble air cooler only consumes 0.1 units. By seeing these units, you will be able to make out as to which is the best choice. High energy is being consumed by the air conditioner which becomes the major reason as to why you are getting an earth-shattering bill.

The Environment Friendly Cooler

The air cooler is pocket friendly and it is also eco-friendly. If you want to do something for the environment, you should use an air cooler instead of an air conditioner. When you have an air conditioner, you would need to close all the doors and windows. Every time your dad opens the door, you look at him as if he has committed a crime because the air conditioner will not be effective if there is ventilation. However, if you have an air cooler, it will be most effective when there is ventilation. Proper ventilation is the key, my friend. The cooler adds humidity to the dry weather and makes it pleasant for you.

The Two Factors for Power Consumption

There are two factors which affect the power consumption –

  1. Fan Motor
  2. Water Pump

When we combine the two, the power consumed in an hour is 0.45 units which are very less as compared to the air conditioner. A small cooler can consume only 4-6 units of electricity in 10 hours. The power consumption may differ in the case of a bigger cooler. A 1.5 tonne AC will consume about 1.3 units while an AC which is bigger will hardly consume 0.12 units per hour. Do you see the difference between the consumption of an air conditioner and a cooler? High consumption of electricity translates to a bill which costs a fortune!

The cooling pads used in the air coolers have a great impact on the cooling effect. You need to change the cooling pads from time to time. Investing in a steel cooler can be more fruitful because their cooling efficiency is high. You can buy the fibre coolers for personal use in your room but the steel coolers are more efficient.

The good news is that you will save more by getting home a cooler because it will not consume a lot of electricity. You can be assured that your electricity bill will not be a fortune. Installing an air conditioner may seem like a tempting idea but there are other expensive one has to take care of and air coolers seem to be a wiser and environment-friendly option. If you want to save money and electricity, it will be wise for you to invest in a personal cooler or a desert cooler. You will be making a small contribution to the planet by going eco-friendly!

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