Eight Fun Ways To Liven Up A Boring Plain Wall In Your Home

Eight Fun Ways To Liven Up A Boring Plain Wall In Your Home

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We’ve all been there; moved into a new home, set up the furniture and then realize we have a large blank wall. Determining how to decorate a plain wall can feel like a daunting task.

If you don’t put enough on it the wall will appear to swallow the little bit you did decorate with. If you put too many items on the wall it may appear cluttered and unorganized. Before you get overwhelmed, rest assured there are eight simple ways to make a blank wall much more interesting.

Do you have a long hall wall that is in desperate need of some design? How about a long blackboard planner in your hall? This will be a multipurpose design that will be aesthetically pleasing and help keep you and your family organized.

If you find yourself with an empty living room wall you can create a meaningful gallery wall. This is rather simple to do. You will want multiple frames. Have some pictures that capture precious moments in your life in those frames. Frame a piece of art you made or purchase a framed art piece that you truly enjoy. Add some dimension with a keepsake in a shadowbox style frame. A map of your favorite places that you have traveled will also add some interest to this gallery wall.

Blank walls in kitchens can be livened up with a homemade wine storage rack that will be another multi-purpose design.

Children’s rooms and offices can easily be decorated with a large chalk board wall. The added perk is the design is forever changing with the child’s imagination.

Boring bedroom walls can be spruced up with shelving to add dimension while succulents can be used to adorn bathroom walls. With these eight helpful wall decorating ideas any homeowner should find themselves able to achieve a stylish and comfortable design in their home.

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