E-Commerce Shopping vs. Bricks and Mortars

E-Commerce Shopping vs. Bricks and Mortars

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The GWC Valves International company is a retailer whom is a brick and mortar but you also have the option of getting your product shipped to your home since certain valves aren’t always available in their physical locations. When it comes to e-commerce retailers, they reach customers around the world, but competition increases exponentially. There are also several benefits to e-commerce since there is always good customer service, the technology value allows for short runs of products and there are always other services available like VIP exclusives or access to blogs and videos. There is the aspect of the see it on virtual service and something that is called pretailing. There are also several limitations such as security and identify theft concerns, actual shopping experience, large delivery shipments and the return shipping charges that go along with online shopping.

Retailing as theatre is a concept that is becoming more popular nowadays since competition for customers is becoming intense as nonstore alternatives multiply, malls are gaining loyalty by being able to appeal to social motives and becoming more than a store. There are also different retail techniques that bricks and mortars have been doing including landscape themes, market space themes and cyberspace themes. When you enter a retailer, their store image and the atmosphere of the store are very important. The store image gives the personality of the store, the location and merchandise suitability for the target market is important and the knowledge of the staff is also appealing. Factors in an overall store evaluation include the interior design, types of patrons; return policies, and the credit availability. The atmosphere is important since this is a conscious designing of space and dimensions to evoke certain effects in buyers. For atmospherics, the colors/lighting, scents, and sounds/music of the store all effect a consumers time spent in the store as well as their spending habits. When a store has bright flat lighting, there are more clothing sales, when the tempo of the beat is loud fast music, people tend to eat more and when the music is slow melancholic music studies show that consumers will drink more.

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