Ductless air Conditioners from Mitsubishi

Ductless air Conditioners from Mitsubishi

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Air-conditioning is moving away from duct systems and is going more with ductless mini split systems because of their efficiency. With the unique Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system, you are bringing in hassle free cooling and this energy efficient system will bring down your energy bill substantially.

Connecticut Retrofit can assist you with making your home more comfortable by installing a ductless system in your home. Your apprehension on the cost of installing a ductless system can be reduced with our most competitively priced solution.

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Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning is the ideal system for your home aesthetically as well because with today’s technological advances they have systems that can hide in your ceiling and drop down when turned on. The operational costs of your home are reduced because your house is operating more efficiently. You will be happy to have made the decision to install an AC ductless through Connecticut Retrofit.

The maintenance is minimal with the new system you are planning to install. The advantage is that most of the routine maintenance can be done by you. But we offer full service and maintenance as well.

CT Retrofit Energy Solutions cover all Connecticut residential areas. Ductless is gaining momentum over the central air conditioning systems. Besides the localized control, you can manage the energy requirements to suit your budget.

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They are a team of experienced AC technicians who can give you a realistic estimate after taking into account your unique configurations. They guarantee the system they install and your ductless AC system will offer a more efficient air flow.

Talk to them and have a cooler ambiance hereafter with Mitsubishi ductless AC system.


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